Kapow!@GFF 2012 Kicks Ass

As Jeremy Briggs first reported last month, Glasgow Film Festival ambassador and local superhero Mark Millar and artist Bryan Hitch are to helping to kick ass with Kapow!@GFF – Glasgow Film Festival’s film strand next week, dedicated to graphic novels, gaming and beyond.

Now in its second year, Kapow!@GFF offers superhero classics old and new, unmissable discussions and debates, documentaries and premieres and this year includes appearances from artist Charlie Adlard and writer Gordon Rennie.

This year Mark introduces Flash Gordon and tells us why it’s his favourite ‘Geek Film’, while Bryan Hitch does the same for the 1978 groundbreaking Superman. Other vintage screenings are Alex Proyas’ brooding, bravura The Crow and David Cronenberg’s taut thriller A History of Violence.

Coming right up to date they have Tatsumi, a completely animated tribute to Yoshihiro Tatsumi, the father of gekiga (‘dramatic pictures’), by former comic artist Eric Khoo. Death of a Superhero is a poignant story of a teenager dealing with cancer who finds a retreat in his comic book drawings and becomes a brawny superhero in his alternative universe. The screening is introduced by a representative from Teenage Cancer Trust.

Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters is Adam Cornelius’s addictive documentary about one of the most addictive games in the world as he follows the preparations for the Tetris World Championships in Los Angeles, while Superheroes examines the appearance of an extraordinary American subculture; the self-appointed caped crusader.

Emerging Scottish talent is represented by Night is Day, filmmaker Fraser Coull’s Glasgow-set sci-fi tale of a normal teenager who ends up having to save the world, a film that was self-funded with the help of local supporters and businesses.

Plus there’s the eagerly-awaited Electric Man – an impressive micro-budget Scottish comedy-chase thriller set in the impoverished world of the owners of Deadhead Comics, directed by David Barras.

In a series of events with very special guests, potential comickers get the chance to hear expert testimony of adventures in the graphic art industry when Mark and other premier exponents relate their journeys through time and space. Bryan Hitch, Kate Brown, Frank Quitely, Charlie Adlard, Rhianna Pratchett and Gordon Rennie will all take part in conversations with the audience while Dr Chris Murray and John McShane discuss Scotland and the Future of Comics and Denise Mina, Penny Sharp and Gillian Hatcher talk about women’s experiences in the industry and the future of how women are drawn.


Flash Gordon (Geek Night Special) Glasgow Film Theatre, Tuesday 21 February, 20.15 (PG)

Superman GFT, Wednesday 22 February, 17.45 (PG)

The Crow GFT, Thursday 23 February, 23.00 (18)

A History of Violence CCA, Thursday 23 February, 15.00 (18)

Tatsumi Cineworld, Tuesday 21 February, 18.00 and Wed 22 February, 12.00 (15)

Death of a Superhero Cineworld, Wednesday 22 February (20.30) Thursday 23 February, 13.00) N/C 15+

Superheroes GFT, Thursday 23 February, 19.20 N/C 15+

Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters CCA, Thursday 23 February, 13.15 N/C 12+

Night is Day CCA, Wed 22 February, 18.30 N/C 12+

Electric Man CCA, Thursday 23 February, 16.45 N/C 12+


Setting the Scene: Scotland and the Future of Comics
Tuesday 21 February (14.00), CCA, £8/6, N/C 8+

Two of the stars of the BBC film Scotland’s Amazing Comic Book Heroes will use their powers to step off the screen and expand the discussion on the future of comics in Scotland. Dr Chris Murray runs the Comic Studies MLitt/PGDip course at the University of Dundee. John McShane is chairman of the Scottish Cartoonists Society and his company, Fat Man Press, published The Bogie Man, one of the early examples of a comic book to film adaptation. John and Chris will expand upon ideas raised in the film and answer your questions.

Mark Millar and Frank Quitely
Tuesday 21 February (16.00), CCA, £5, N/C 8+

Writer Mark Millar and superstar DC and Marvel artist Frank Quitely talk about their first collaboration together in ten years, taking us through the step-by-step process of an idea becoming a script, a comic book and eventually a big budget movie. Both living and working in Glasgow, they explain how geography is no disadvantage in the world of Hollywood movies or New York publishing. Their new, yet-to-be-revealed project is already one of the most anticipated comic-book events in 2012.

Writing for Games and Comics
Wednesday 22 February (12.30), CCA, £5, N/C 8+

If you have a great idea for a video game or comic where do you start? A panel of distinguished video game and comic book writers, including Rhianna Pratchett and Gordon Rennie, give tips on how to get into the industry and get ahead. They discuss the ups and downs of being involved in the industry, the difference between writing for games and comics and the challenges to be faced.

Kate Brown in Conversation
Wednesday 22 February (13.45), CCA, £5, N/C 8+

What does it take to build a full-time career as a comicker? Kate can tell you everything you want to know. In 2010 Kate was awarded the Arts Foundation Fellowship for Graphic Novels. She used it to fund the completion of her self-published comic Fish + Chocolate which has since been picked up for publication by SelfMadeHero. Kate will speak about her wide experience in the comics industry and take questions from the audience.

Bryan Hitch in Conversation
Wednesday 22 February (15.00), CCA, £5, N/C 8+

British comic book artist Bryan Hitch is widely recognised as one of the industry’s leading artists and storytellers, with his books regularly selling over 100,000 copies an issue in America alone. His designs have appeared in the successful relaunch of Doctor Who in 2005 and numerous feature films, including Captain America and Star Trek (2009), as well as the upcoming The Avengers film, based on The Ultimates comic book by himself and Mark Millar. Bryan will discuss his career, including his new book co-written with Jonathan Ross.

Walking Dead illustrator Charlie Adlard in Conversation
Wednesday 22 February (16.15), CCA, £8/6, N/C 15+

Apocalyptic graphic novel The Walking Dead, a survival story of a world overtaken by zombies, captured the imaginations of a legion of fans and is now a multi-million dollar US TV series. In this unique event, the Shropshire-based artist discusses how he came on board as illustrator for the series and the effect it has had on his career. After the conversation we will screen one of Charlie’s favourite episodes from the Golden Globe-nominated series.

Women in Comics
Thursday 23 February (15.15), CCA, £5, N/C 8+

Casual graphic fiction readers might see the way women are represented and decide that the medium must be male dominated and that the industry is a prejudiced place for women to work. But is all as it seems? And what are the actual experiences of women working in the comics industry? Women in Comics presents original research by Graphic Scotland and brings together Denise Mina, Kate Brown, Penny Sharp and Gillian Hatcher to talk about the difficulties of getting into the industry and the future of how women are drawn.

• Tickets for all shows are on sale now from the Central GFF Box Office at GFT, by phone on 0141 332 6535 and online via www.glasgowfilm.org/festival. Tickets for events taking place at the CCA can be bought there on the day of the event.

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