Kingdom of Adventure’s 24 Hour Comic Day


Kingdom Of Adventure, Fife’s comic shop, will be bringing 24 Hour Comics Day to Scotland this October. So far, KoA is one of only two shops taking part in this event in the UK.

24 Hour Comics Day, organised by ComicsPro, a trade organization dedicated to the progress of direct market comic book retailers, is an annual worldwide challenge for cartoonists and others to produce a 24-page comic book written, drawn, and completed in 24 consecutive hours and the newly opened Kirkcaldy shop will be flying the flag for Scotland in this year’s challenge. Starting at 2.00pm on Saturday October 3rd and ending 24 hours later at 2pm on Sunday October 4th Kingdom of Adventure will try to produce Fife’s first 24 hour comic.

Owner Dave Wright is confident that people in Fife and throughout Scotland can rise to the
challenge that will have comic artists, writers and fans collaborating across the world.

“Over the years, the 24 Hour Comics Day event has challenged such comics luminaries as Scott McCloud, Dave Sim, Neil Gaiman, Kevin Eastman and many others. It brings creators of all ages, skill levels and experience together in a creative comic marathon.

“It’s a first for Fife, and I’m confident we’ll produce a fantastic collection of books – after all, Scotland has a great pedigree when it comes to producing comics.”

“By participating, I want to attract people to the amazing medium that comics are, while
also providing space for cartoonists and others to show their works to all interested

All participants in the event will have their comic books, complete or otherwise, scanned
and put on the shop website. They will also be displayed in the shop as part of the
Kingdom of Adventure gallery.

South of the border, so far only Kube in Poole, Dorset, has gotten involved in 24 Hour Comic Day. Formerly known as The Study Gallery of Modern Art, it’s an education-based venue, not a shop: their event takes place on 3rd October, starting at 10.00 am.

• For more information please contact Dave Wright on 01592 328121 or by email at

• Full details of the event will be on the Kingdom Of Adventure website in due course –

• For more information of this worldwide event please check

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  1. Just to say that the comics produced at this event are now uploaded to the Kingdom Of Adventure website.

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