Latest Andersonic reveals lost UFO story

Andersonic Issue 14

Issue 14 of the excellent Gerry Anderson series-inspired Andersonic is now available via their website (and eBay for a short period in the Collectibles>SF>Thunderbirds section).

With a cover image by Keith McNeill, the issue features the following:

  • Robert Easton interview – a new interview with the late Stingray voice artist (Phones, X-20) in which he discussed his time working on the series, working with Don Mason, his other radio and film work including Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and his views on Stingray after over 40 years.
  • Terry Adlam Interview – special effects assistant on Terrahawks and Space Police and creator of Dick Spanner, Terry discusses his time working on Gerry Anderson’s 1980s series… oh, and some modest productions by a bloke called George Lucas.
  • UFO: The Patriot – a look at this unfilmed script for UFO with recollections and comments from its writer Leo Eaton. A UFO crashes in the middle of a civil war in an African country and Straker must recover the alien pilot before his existence is revealed to the world…
  • Keith Miles – short Q&A with the writer of Space: 1999‘s ‘All That Glisters’ episode.
  • Manual Control! – a look at the genesis of the new Thunderbirds Haynes Manual.
  • Killed In Supermarionation – with all those guns and missiles on show, was violence handled appropriately in Century 21’s puppet series? We’re not so sure…
  • Space: 1999: The Testament of Arkadia – was it the best ending the series never had? A review of the final episode of Space: 1999‘s epic first series.
  • UFO: Mindbender – one of UFO’s most memorable episodes reviewed, with a detour into the twilight zone for Ed Straker.
  • Thunderbirds: Cry Wolf – two writers dissect a classic Thunderbirds episode – one in favour, one not.
  • The A-Z of Joe 90 – final part of our essential guide.

… and more.

The issue comprises 44 pages with colour inner and outer covers and is available via the website – price £2.15 including UK postage. It’s also on eBay for a limited time. If you’d prefer to pay by cheque or PO, please get in touch for a postal address. Back issues are also in print.

• Why not also take a look at the publishers little sideline, Plaything of Sutekh, a Doctor Who fanzine.


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