Latest Constant Scale reveals Roman secrets, Doctor Who delights – and a Joe 90 kit that never was

The latest issue of Constant Scale, the journal of the Airfix Collectors’ Club is available now – and there are plenty of items of interest for comics, Doctor Who and Gerry Anderson fans, as well as avid modellers.

Constant Scale Issue 76

Constant Scale, the Club journal, is published four times a year and includes articles about the history of Airfix, its products and information supplied by former Airfix employees who are members of the Club.

Contributors to the magazine include downthetubes editor and contributor Jeremy Briggs, who has a number of articles in Issue 76, the new issue.

In this issue…

Airfix’s Lost Joe 90 Kit: revealing that after the success of their Captain Scarlet Angel Interceptor kit Airfix considered a kit from Joe 90

Behind The Scenes at Haldane Place: showing the photos from inside the Airfix factory that appeared in Battle/Action comic and Valiant annual

Airfix Romans Figures - Original
Romans figure box art by Brian Knight
“The Wolves of Gaul”, from Junior Quizzer, featuring art by Ian Kennedy
“The Wolves of Gaul”, from Junior Quizzer, featuring art by Ian Kennedy

Airfix Comic Strips in Junior Quizzer: detailing the comic strips based on Airfix kits and soldiers in the 1970s magazine, including “The Wolves of Gaul”, featuring art by Ian Kennedy, promoting Airfix “Romans” figures, alongside more adventure and humour strips

Humbrol Badges: accurately dating the “Humbrol Enamel” and “Stick ‘Em Up With Britfix” badges through adverts

Airfix and Doctor Who: considering Airfix’s Doctor Who connections through the 1970s New Artist sets, the 2000s kits and the plan for a Dalek kit around 1980 (an update of Jeremy Brigg’s downthetubes article).

Opinion – The Sticky Subject of International Postage: discussing the cost of international postage rates on membership fees

Constant Scale Issue 76 is available to members of the Airfix Collectors’ Club. UK membership is £20 per annum and details on how to join are available on the club’s website

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