Latest issue of new Chromakey magazine spotlights Dark Skies, tribute to Terrance Dicks

Fronted by an eye-catching cover by Steve Ince, the latest issue of Chromakey, a new Canadian journal dedicated to science-fiction, fantasy, telefantasy, and cult television offers features on Dark Skies, the short-lived 1950s-set paranormal series whose cast included future Star Trek: Voyager star Jeri Ryan, Max Headroom, Doctor Who, Blake’s 7 and more.

Chromakey Issue Three

The 88-page, perfect bound magazine also includes a tribute to the late Terrance Dicks, whose mark on shaping 1970s Doctor Who is without doubt, and his work on the early, related Target novels range.

Chromakey Issue OneNeither a fanzine nor a professional large-scale magazine, Chromakey, a project launched last January by Vancouver -based Pencil Tip Publishing, is more of a hybrid of the two, a melding of the amateur and professional. Each issue of the title delves into aspects of specific television series through original interviews, in-depth and informative articles, reviews, analysis, and much more.

The magazine’s editorial team, led by publisher Bob Furnell, aims to publish a variety of informative, in-depth, detail orientated and retrospective material including reviews, opinion pieces, interviews, analysis, features, and more.

Chromakey Issue TwoWhile material will be of a more serious-tone, the team also hope the magazine is also entertaining, presenting material that is just not only of interest to the archive television enthusiast, but also to a general fan of television. 

Bob’s stated intention is to publish a modern-day version of past titles such as Time Screen, The Frame and Action TV, while aiming for something that is a little more professionally produced and run — something along the lines of a literary journal.

Pencil Tip Publishing is a small independent Canadian publisher established in 2015 that aims whose books focus on genre and cult television, original fiction, short story collections, and, of course, Doctor Who. Their first title, the charity short story collection The Temporal Logbook, was released in June 2015 and their catalogue includes Target Trawl by Nick Mellish, a guide to the original Doctor Who adaptations.

Books Pencil Tip have published have raised funds for a number of charitable causes including AIDS support, cancer research, and mood disorders.

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