Latest Jeff Hawke’s Cosmos Now Available

Has it really been five years since Bill Rudling started publishing Cosmos?

Titan’s series of Jeff Hawke books may have stopped after two titles but Bill’s 84 page, A4 sized zine which reprints complete stories from the Daily Express’ daily Jeff Hawke strip created, illustrated and often written by Sydney Jordan, is now coming to the end of its fifth year with a sixth year planned.

Volume 5 Number 3 includes the complete Jeff Hawke stories Faery Land Forlorn from 1964, The Engine That Worked On Grass from 1967 (as illustrated on the front cover) and Rogue Star from 1968/69.

In addition there are detailed articles on each story by Duncan Lunan as well as articles on Rick Random and the little remembered Time And Ms Jones strip from the Sunday Times written by Marise Morland and illustrated, in part, by Sydney Jordan.

A subscription Jeff Hawke’s Cosmos for three issues costs £20 in the UK, £30 overseas. Cheques made payable to Jeff Hawke Club with a stamped addressed envelope should be sent to: The Jeff Hawke Club, 6 The Close, Alwoodley, Leeds, LS17 7RD, United Kingdom.

There are more details on the Jeff Hawke Club website.

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