Latest Phil-Comics comes stacked with vintage British comics complete free gifts

The latest sale from eBay comic auction house Phil-Comics features plenty of first issues of some vintage British comics, some with free gifts, and, as usual, the vast majority starting at 99p with no reserve.

1980s "Clumsy Colin" art by Robert Nixon for Buster
1980s “Clumsy Colin” art by Robert Nixon for Buster
"School Team" art by Robert Nixon for Buster, cover dated 21st September 1985
“School Team” art by Robert Nixon for Buster, cover dated 21st September 1985

Items include a copy of 2000AD Prog 1, which arrived in newsagents today back in in 1977. The official on sale date was Monday 21st February, but it actually came out on Saturday 19th. Lew Stringer has a run through of the issue here on his Blimey blog).

The auction includes more girls titles complete with their original scripts, which have attracted strong bidding in past auctions, and two pages of art by the brilliant Robert Nixon.

Here’s a few of the great British comics and comic lots on offer.

  • Action - cover dated 12th November 1977 (Last Issue)
  • Action Summer Special 1978
  • Action Summer Special 1979
  • Attack Picture Monthly Issue 4 - 1992
  • Bananaman Summer Special 1986
  • Battle Issue 2 cover dated 15th March 1975 Free Gift
  • Battle Picture Weekly No. 3 cover dated 22nd March 1973, with free gift
  • Beano 485 Fireworks Issue, cover dated 3rd November 1951
  • Buster, cover dated 11th February 1961
  • Cheeky No. 1 , cover dated 22nd October 1977, with free gift
  • Cheeky, cover dated 19th May 1979, with Kelloggs Shakes free gift
  • Cheeky Summer Special 1979
  • Cracker No. 1 - cover dated 18th January 1975
  • Crunch No. 1 - cover dated 20th January 1979
  • Doctor Who Poster Magazine (1970s)
  • Fantastic Four Comics (Marvel UK, 1980s)
  • Garth Book 1975 - featuring Frank Bellamy strips
  • Jackpot No. 3, cover dated 19th May 1979, with "Why Be Bored Book" free gift
  • Judge Dredd Collection 2 (1986)
  • Knockout Fun Book 1948
  • Lion Annual 1955
  • Melanie magazine, cover dates 14th July 1973, with script
  • Monster Fun No. 2, cover dated 21st June 1975, with free "Spider" gift
  • Monster Fun no. 3 free gift
  • Monster Fun no. 3 cover dated 28th March 1973, with free gift
  • Nutty No. 1, cover dated 18th February 1980
  • Plug No. 3, cover dated 8th October 1977, with free gift
  • Princess No. 1, cover dated 24th September 1983
  • Radio Fun Annual 1951

Run by Phil Shrimpton, Phil Comics specialises in vintage comics and related items such as annuals, holiday specials, free gifts and original artwork.

Holding monthly eBay auctions, often with 500+ listings, they aim to bring a diverse array of items – and are always on the lookout for vintage comic collections, either to buy or auction on commission.

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