Latest Spaceship Away features new Don Harley paintings

Issue 26 of the Dan Dare-inspired Spaceship Away is now at the printers and will soon be winging its way to subscribers and stockists.

Along with the regular strips the issue features three new Don Harley paintings, including a fabulous centre-spread of Frank Hampson working away in his studio under the watchful eye of Dan and the Mekon.

There are also three articles focusing on the audio versions of Dan Dare – Phil Harbottle and Penny Fabb review Dan Dare on Radio Luxembourg; Rod Barzilay hears from cast and crew of the 1990 BBC Dan Dare radio drama; and John Freeman tells us about the “Dan Dare Pilot That Never Flew”, along with comments by actor Colin Baker.

Jeremy Briggs interviews Tom Kelly about his Dan Dare Musical that premiered nine years ago and there is some interesting feedback on previous issues in Chat-Back (which includes the late Bruce Cornwell’s last ever sketch).

“Models from Dan Dare’s World” also offers readers a look at Sid Clark’s Treen “Green Magnet” fighter.

There is also the second and final part of the “Pre-Emptive Strike” Dan Dare adventure by John Freeman & Mike Nicoll, plus an Eric Eden painting in Readers’ Corner, along with some details from “The Horlicks Spaceman’s Handbook” relating to the Radio Luxembourg article.

Finally, Tim Booth’s oil painting of Professor Peabody adorns the back cover.

Spaceship Away is available at selected British comics shops and directly from theSpaceship Away website. The cover price for the 2012 issues is £7.95 each which includes UK postage if ordering from the website. An annual subscription for the three issues is £21.50 for UK residents and non-UK subscriptions are available from the website.

The Spaceship Away website, which includes ordering details for the 2012 issues as well as back issues and binders, is here

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