Review Of Scottish Comics Events In 2011

Over the last few years downthetubes contributor Jeremy Briggs has collated a Scottish Comics Events Review Of The Year.

These articles originally came about after discussions at the first Hi-Ex comics convention in Inverness in 2008 showed that many people were unaware of the extent of comics events north of the border and that there was a general consensus amongst the Scottish attendees that such events only happened in the Midlands and the south of England. The aim of these articles therefore was to document all comics related events in Scotland that were open to the general public, from talks to exhibitions, workshops to conventions

The first two years reviews were published in the Hi-Ex convention brochures with the Hi-Ex 2 brochure covering those events in 2008 and the Hi-Ex 3 brochure covering those events in 2009. With the postponement of Hi-Ex in 2011 the home of the reviews moved, with the blessing of the Hi-Ex organisers, to the downthetubes main site where the 2010 review was published for the first time and the previous two reviews were reprinted.

As the reviews were originally so closely tied to the Hi-Ex convention, Jeremy has held back publication of the 2011 review this year to allow it to once again tie in with the Hi-Ex convention that is taking place this weekend, Saturday 31 March and Sunday 1 April 2012. Jeremy will be attending the convention on both Saturday and Sunday while downthetubes editor John Freeman will be there on the Saturday.

You can read the Scottish Comics Events Review Of The Year for 2011 here.

Previous Scottish Comics Events Reviews are below:
Review Of The Year 2008
Review Of The Year 2009
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Reviews of the previous three Hi-Ex conventions can be found on the downthetubes blog:
Hi-Ex in 2008
Hi-Ex 2 in 2009
Hi-Ex 3 in 2010

There are more details of the Hi-Ex Comics Convention on their website.

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