Leap into February with the new Doctor Who Adventures

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 11 - Cover

February is here – but there’s a perfect way to beat those end of winter blues (especially as February is one day longer with it being a Leap Year)… the latest issue of the greatest comic book the galaxy has ever known! (or so the editor tells us, and he’s bigger than we are). Doctor Who Adventures Issue 11 hits the newsstands this week, with…

The Doctor travels the legendary Spice Route of Shalabar Scone only to run into trouble when attacked by Boabdil, scavenger Lord of Lahn! This brand new comic book adventure features monsters, bandits and flying carpets and is brought to you by Jason Quinn, Russ Leach and John Burns.

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 11 - Strip PagesMONSTERS ON THE LOOSE
How would you cope if you were being hunted by the Sandmen, the Veil, the Zygons or the Mire? You can find out by taking this issue’s Monsters on the Loose quiz.

One way of surviving a Zygon Invasion is to disguise yourself as a Zygon. Osgood shows you how to make your own amazing Zygon head mask!

Find out all there is to know about Ashildr the Viking girl who will live forever, as you gain access to the UNIT Alien Archive!

Strax gives you the lowdown on some of the weirdest creatures the Doctor has ever faced, including the Darapok, the Skinks and the Nameless Mist.

We’ve got more monsters and allies for you to cut out, keep and play with, including Clara, Time Lords and the Veil!

Scream Street’s Tommy Donbavand brings us a thrilling new Paternoster Gang story, and you can find out what happened when our heroes met Oscar Wilde during a night at the theatre.

Doctor Who Adventures #11 comes with a fantastic Free Monster kit and is on sale in all good newsagents (and some run by Zygons) from Thursday  4th February 2016, price £3.99

• The comic is also available as a digital edition through Pocketmags.com here and for iPad via iTunes here (although of course you don’t get the free gift with the digital edition)

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