Liam Sharp offers new Death’s Head II art to support US comic retailers through #Creators4Comics

Green Lantern and Wonder Woman artist Liam Sharp has joined the Comicbook United Fund project to support independent US comic shops, offering this terrific new art featuring Death’s Head II.

Death’s Head II 2020 by Liam Sharp

Artist, editor and publisher Jim Lee, and many other comic creators, have been doing their bit for the Book Industry Charitable Foundation in support of comic retailers and booksellers for over a month. Utilising the hashtag #Creators4Comics, the fundraising initiative – which has so far raised over $950,000 – aims to benefit American comic book stores struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic, many unable to open because of lockdown restrictions.

Any creator can participate via Twitter, and can run their own individual auctions by tweeting under the hashtag #Creators4Comics, offering everything from signed comics to artwork to unique events and experiences.

Twitter users scroll through the auction items under the hashtag and reply to individual item threads to place their bids. The winning bidder donates directly to BINC and submits the proof of donation to the auctioneer to claim their item.

All proceeds go to the Comicbook United Fund, a special relief effort managed by BINC created by the ForgeFund, a comics retailer charitable foundation formed by Oni-Lion Forge Publishing Group, along with funding from the comics community via #Creators4Comics, artist/DC publisher Jim Lee, and DC Comics.

The phenomenal sales of Death’s Head II, written by Dan Abnett, building on the critical success of earlier projects such as the original Death’s Head, Dragon’s Claws and The Knights of Pendragon, helped Marvel UK establish an albeit brief but memorable niche in the direct sales market in the early 1990s.

Sadly, the collapse of the market brought an end to the project, not helped by management mis-steps in the London office regularly cited by editors who saw the company’s decline and were victims of its implousion – but not before the Genesis 1992 project spearheaded by Paul Neary helped launch the careers of many great creators in the US publishing arena.

Death’s Head II 2020 by Liam Sharp Pencils

Liam posted images of the art here on Twitter – and work in progress on his terrific Death’s Head II piece on Facebook.

“Almost 30 years later, I don’t think I’ve ever designed another character that topped Death’s Head II!”, Liam enthuses. “He just works. The blind luck of youth I guess!”

That, and, as I said many times back while editing Death’s Head II, great art helps!

• Keep an eye on Jim Lee’s storefront for just some of the art to go up for auction – and you can also view past items sold for this fundraiser through Jim here

ComicBook United Fund Logo

• Find more art offered in support of comic shops through the hashtag on social media #ComicBookUnitedFund – or visit

Because of charity regulations, funds raised through this project can only legally be used to support US retailers. (Bleeding Cool reported on 23rd April that BINC is looking into the possibility of serving communities outside of the US in the future)

• In the UK, the Book Trade Charity is offering assistance to comic shops. Comic book stores in the UK and Ireland should download this claim form, and anyone interested raising money for British or Irish comic book stores should get in touch with them

• Canadian creators have started a similar appeal for Canadian comic book shops as #Canucks4Comics, funding the work of Canadian non-profit Comic Legends Legal Defense Fund

Marvel UK: “Genesis ’92” – Looking Back and What Might Have Been

A guide to both published and unpublished projects from Marvel UK

Flashback: The Dawn of Marvel UK’s “Genesis 1992” Project with Liam Sharp, Bryan Hitch and more

Before Marvel UK’s “Genesis 1992” characters first spread their wings in their first US format books and weekly British comic Overkill, Editorial Director Paul Neary and I put together a promotional booklet promoting the characters, printed on the office photocopiers, but given ‘special’ cover by Liam Sharp and sold at the United Kingdom Comic Art Convention (UKCAC) in London, in September 1991, for just 10p.

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