Limited edition Garth collection on sale at London Film and Comic Con

Garth: The Gold of Ragnorock

Huw J Davies-Matsumura has announced a further limited edition Garth release for this weekend’s upcoming London Film and Comic Con – a limited signed convention edition of a collection of his Garth strip “The Gold of Ragnarock”, which was initially published online by the Mirror newspaper.

This version of the collection will be limited and numbered to 25 copies only, with all monies raised donated to the charity Help for Heroes.

“There will be a general release book out for Christmas published by Pummie Productions and I am talking to the powers that be about publication through the Mirror once the figures are in,” says Huw. (Pummie Productions is Huw’s new publishing company).

“I will always donate a percentage to Help For Heroes as is the case on all my books and Intellectual Property.”

Huw previously announced he would be selling a limited edition Garth poster at the Comic Con (see news story).

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