Paragon 14 offers new ‘Jikan Chronicles’ and ‘The Major’

Paragon 14 Cover

CLiNT is dead. STRIP: The Adventure Comics Magazine is missing in action (although we’re hoping Issue 3 might reach newsagents later this month, behind the scenes developments permitting). So where do you go for an action anthology these days?

PARAGON has 36 pages of action packed self contained stories featuring recurring characters. And one serial.

Paragon 14: Icarus Dangerous

Icarus Dangerous by Dirk Van Dom and Stephen Prestwood

Issue 14, available now, sees the extra length finale of the Icarus Dangerous serial by Dirk Van Dom and Stephen Prestwood. Who lives, who dies, who flies?

Paragon 14: The Jikan Chronicles

The Jikan Chronicles by Dirk Van Dom and Davey Candllish.

The Jikan Chronicles continue with the time travelling demon hunting samurai returning to Japan to find futuristic anthropomorphic alligator aliens with laser whips have invaded! Check out the Mignola inspired art of Davey Candlish in this adventure penned by Dirk Van Dom.

Paragon 14: The Major

The stunning-looking first episode of ‘The Major’ by Tom Proudfoot and George Coleman.

One of the delights of this issue is surely that Tom Proudfoot and George Coleman have agreed to continue the adventures of The Major within the pages of PARAGON and this issue features the first episode reprinted from last year’s amazing Hallowee’n comic AAIIEEE!!! The art is simply stunning, as you can see and the story a delicious frightmare.

Expect more from the Ambassador from Hell soon!

Paragon 14: Spencer Hero

Spencer Hero is back in “The Locked Door” by Greg Meldrum and James Corcoran.

Spencer Nero – the British adventurer and Government agent who finds inhuman strength whenever he dons the Janus mask has two stories this time round. There’s  the light-hearted “Hour of the Heron” by the original team of Greg Meldrum and Davey Candlish, and the altogether darker tale of “The Locked Door”… what happens when Spencer takes a step to the dark side? Who can stop the inhuman power of the Janus mask? By Greg Meldrum and James Corcoran.

So there you have it: 36 A4 pages of all action adventure, plus this issue comes with a free sketch card by one of the artists – which one will you get?

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