Luke Cooper’s new comic, “Pumpernickel”, out now from Markosia

Pumpernickel by Luke Cooper - Cover

Out now from Markosia via DriveThruComics, and other outlets, is Pumpernickel, the latest comic creation of writer-artist Luke Cooper.

Rebecca Turner is a miracle. Not expected to make it to her first birthday, Rebecca is now eleven years old. She’s a little weird but her parents love her all the same.

Except they aren’t really her parents, because she’s not really Rebecca Turner.

She’s a changeling called Pumpernickel, swapped with the real thing ten years earlier by the Hidden People who now want her to come home and are having trouble taking no for an answer.

But Pumpernickel likes living as a human and loves her adoptive parents. She therefore has no intention of leaving and will protect her stolen life by whatever means necessary, fair(y) or foul…

Here are some sample pages and panels…

Pumpernickel is written and illustrated by Luke Cooper, who’s also the creator of Hollow Girl and Alone Not Lonely as well as Figments and A Glimpse of Hell, some titles available through AmazonUK.

He was also an artist on Jim Alexander’s Wolf Country and the award-winning Good Cop Bad Cop, his interpretation of the character helping inspire the novel.

He also drew Burlap: Death Waits for No One, written by Jesse Baer and published through Covenant Comics, as well as producing numerous covers and pin-ups for various comic titles.

Buy Pumpernickel from AmazonUK (Affiliate Link) | ISBN: 978-1915387974

Check out Pumpernickel on DriveThruComics now

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