Madcap wrestling strip heads to The Dandy

Who’d have thought Birdsong and New British Comics artist Warwick Johnson-Cadwell would get a chance to appear in The Dandy? But he is – albeit as part, we think, of the revamped comic’s experimental line up of strips that are subject to reader vote for their survival.

Tag Team Tastic is the latest addition to the weekly comic – a strip writer Robin Etherington describes as a ridiculous, comedy wrestle-fest starring two hapless fighters, Huggles and Big Thumper – which will soon be making its debut alongside another Etherington brothers story, YORE.

“Warwick and I first met at a Bristol show a few years back,” says Robin, “when he humbly showed me his portfolio.

“Lorenzo and I see a lot of work by upcoming amateur and professional artists but this was something else. Warwick was already an extremely successful illustrator but the guy just loved comics with all his heart and wanted to make some more – which was lucky really, because so did I!

“We now cannot wait to share the adventures of Huggles (the large fella) and Big Thumper (his blue-haired cohort) with you all,” he adds.

Robin also reveals that this isn’t the final part of the Etherington’s bid to be a major part of The Dandy – as a third strip by one – or both – of them – is also due to be revealed soon.

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