Moore and Reppion announce steampunk motion comic "The Thrill Electric"

“We are very pleased to say we are now officially allowed to talk about a very exciting new project we have coming up in 2011,” the writing team announced on their blog.

“This project came about from a writing cliché, in that it is the very first idea I have had which was so good and so obviously needing writing, that I had to sit up in bed, grab a pen and start making notes,” says John. “This has never happened to me before or since, and in fact I never actually believed it did happen to writers. But now it has, and a bloody good job too. Hattrick Productions liked it, and 4education liked it enough to commission it!”

The team are now writing a ten part motion comic series set in the fast paced world of the Victorian Internet.

“We have the lovely and talented Emma Vieceli on board, giving the whole series her drop dead gorgeous signature style, and making sure it all has a smooth cohesive look and feel and then we have the combined force of Windflower Studio on art chores for the series. We managed to get these girls before the ink was even dry on their animation degree certificates, so we have the pleasure of saying ‘you saw them here first kids!'”

The Thrill Electric revolves around the office of the International and Electric Telegraph Company in Manchester in 1871 and follows the fortunes of a gang of young adults who connect with wires. They have the day to day data of the city, of the world even, flowing through their telegraph keys and millions of people relying on the telegraph for news of wars, the prices of their stocks, the news of a loved one’s birth, or marriage or death. All of this responsibility heaped on those young shoulders and they still manage to find time to slack off, play games, bitch about each other and fall madly passionately in love, all at the lightning  speed of the telegraph.

For more more about The Thrill Electric, check out this post on John and Leah’s official blog

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