Madefire seeks monster makers

Metawhal Alpha drawn by Liam Sharp

Ground-breaking digital publisher Madefire, whose creator roster includes Brian Bolland and Dave Gibbons, has just launched its first talent hunt.

“Here’s a chance to get a paid gig alongside some of the greatest names in the imaginative arts industry,” enthuses Madefire’s Chief Creative Officer and creator of Captain Stone is Missing… Liam Sharp.

“Madefire is looking for a horror illustrator for a story that will go live on our 5-star rated app at Hallowe’en. The creature in the story is a Metawhal Alpha.” (Drawn by Liam, above).

Go and check out the rest of their website and/or iPad app to get a feel for what they’re creating. To be considered, don’t send Liam direct messages, including via DeviantArt: submit your work to Madefire at:

The portfolio submission period won’t last for more than a few weeks, as they want to select an illustrator in time for a finished title to go live end of October 2012.

“We can’t reply to everybody, so would appreciate it if you didn’t chase us up,” says Liam. “If you’re the lucky chosen artist we’ll be contacting you. However, even if we don’t contact you this time, it doesn’t mean we don’t love your work, and you may well find yourself being contacted for other projects in the future — we have a lot of material lining up over the coming weeks and months.”

Launched earlier this year for iPad, Madefire’s aim is to give creators a strong platform for their own storytelling and revolutionize how stories are told, read and shared, transforming a once static medium into an “interactive experience” that unfolds dynamically on mobile devices, and evolves with each new episode.

The company has developed a Motion Book Tool to make all this possible and to give new creative freedom to the world’s most visionary creators and storytellers.

For full details of what Madefire are looking for, check out this blog post

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2 replies

  1. “Simply submit your work to Madefire at: Then go and check out the rest of their website and/or iPad app to get a feel for what they’re creating.”

    May I suggest you do this the other way around!
    Always best to check out the previous work so you know what’s best to send.

  2. A very good point. I’ve amended the story. Thanks David.

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