Manchester Comic Collective Bigs Up its gathering

This month the Manchester Comic Collective is doing something a little more special than its usual gatherings of creators for a friendly drink – along with the Sandbar, they’ll be hosting the first Big Drink n’ Draw on the very first day of the Not Part Of Fringe Festival!

As always the Drink ‘n’ Draw will be free to attend, and they’ll have the usual drawing games, free snacks and pizzas, free comics at the Comic Swap table, materials provided and 10% off at the bar! But that’s not all…

As part of the Big Drink ‘n’ Draw they’ll have a little Comic Fair with tables set aside to sell indie comics, plus a few of table for creators with lots to sell and one communal table for anyone’s comics, minis or zines.

Tables are free but limited, so visit the MCC web site and leave a comment to show your interest and they’ll be in touch! If you can’t make it but would like to sell your comics, please drop them off at Sandbar with a note saying “For the BIG Drink ‘n’ Draw”.

As if that wasn’t enough Matt Badham will be hosting an informal chat and Q&A with Andy Diggle, writer of The Losers, Daredevil and former editor of 2000AD. The starting time for this is to be confirmed but will last about an hour.

The MCC are hoping to have another talk with some comics professionals too! Names and times for that are still to be confirmed.

The BIG Drink ‘n’ Draw will also be continuing late into the night. There’s a comedy event starting at 8.00pm and after that a short film night running through the evening, but all the while the DnD will continue in a reserved area of Sandbar with a big Comic Jam on a Wall.

• More info:

• RSVP on the Facebook Event page and see who else is attending! Join the Drink ‘n’ Draw Facebook Group while you’re there too, for updates of all future events.

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