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Fans of Dan Dare and 1950s space comics might want to check out this fun web strip by Mark TonerGail Scott, Space Pilot.

Featuring a group of Scottish friends exploring space, the current adventure –  “Who is Mr Mentor?” – finds Gail and chums (all broad Scottish banter kindly translated for dumb sassenachs) on their way to Mars in a futuristic spacecraft.

The art is a little rough around the edges and the lettering needs much improvement, but the story’s chuntering along nicely – Mark’s includes some humour in the adventure as the characters first experience space flight, for example, which all helps add to the fun.

The strip’s been running for a few weeks now, with a new episode from Dumfries-based artist Mark Toner every Thursday.

“If you like the Gail Scott series and would like to put it on your site, email me,” says Mark.  “I’m always happy to help other impoverished web content providers as long as they let me approve the use. If you’ve got commercial plans for my comics, I insist on my share of the proceeds!”

Describing himself as a “Comic artist, astronomer and guitarist” (check out www.twitter.com/ArbelosMusic for his band), you can check out more of Mark’s comics work at www.spacepilot.co.uk.

• All Gail Scott artwork and stories are copyright © 2011 Mark Toner, all rights reserved.

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