Marshal Law: Twilight’s Last Gleaming

Marshal Law

Top talent Pat Mills has just sent us this ‘trailer’ for the upcoming DC Comics Marshal Law collection, on sale in April…



Secret identities.

Secret lusts.

Secret hates.

The dark and sordid world of Superheroes.

Pull down the trunks.

You won’t like what you see.

When supermen go rogue, you call on the Court of Last Resort.


The government have commissioned living weapons of mass destruction to wage war on terror.

The survivors return home broken, bitter, insane.

Some form gangs.

Some go psycho.

Some turn into ‘A’ list celebrities with ‘A’ bomb fists.

The city is now a war zone.

San Futuro needs a Super Cop to enforce summary justice.

His eyes will reflect the rocket’s red glare.

He is Twilight’s Last Gleaming….


A bad choice is better than no choice…

• Deluxe hard cover collected edition by Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill. DC Comics – late April

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