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Overkill Issue One

Overkill Issue One

In and out from writing Beyblade and Dick Turtle for ToonTastic and editing RAF Magazine for Titan Magazines, I’ve been spending some time thinking about one past job as editor at Marvel UK (aka Marvel Comics UK) back in the 1990s. This was prompted by the launch of a small newsgroup comprising stalwarts from that time, devoted to talking British comics.

I’ve learnt quite a few things about Marvel UK’s operation from various people as a result in the past two weeks that I never knew before, and it’s also suggested some ideas and thoughts for new projects.

Last week, I was busy on RAF and the Titan web site but in the middle of all that I started a ball rolling on a new comic strip with Paul J. Palmer, who draws strips for the Dandy and Lucky Bag called The Underversity. Hopefully have the first strip posted online next week. It uses the Really Heavy Greatcoat‘s Kevin, but in a new setting.

Also spent a lot of time catching up on Smallville, which I’m really enjoying in its third season. Although Titan has a Smallville magazine on the horizon I’ve no involvement with it, so I won’t know what’s going to happen and I can watch it without fear of “spoilers”. A definite plus.

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