Marvel UK’s “Strip” celebrated, 30 years on

Marvel UK STRIP Magazine Montage

In his latest regular “Hatch, Match & Dispatch” features on major British comics anniversaries on his brilliant Rusty Staples blog, comics writer Michael Carroll notes the upcoming 30th anniversary of Strip, published by Marvel UK.

“One of those comics that should have lasted a lot longer than it did,” he argues. Indeed – and I’m sure its editor, Dan Abnett, would concur!

Strip Magazine Issue One (Marvel UK)

Strip was a fortnightly anthology aimed at older readers and containing highly-regarded content, including “Marshal Law“, “The Chronicles of Genghis Grimtoad” and “Death’s Head“.

“Man from Cancer” art by Phil Elliott currently for sale

“Man from Cancer” art by Phil Elliott currently for sale

Many of the strips that featured were creator owned, including “The Man from Cancer” by Glen Dakin and Phil Elliott (you can read a feature on this strip by Luke Williams here on downthetubes) and a number of strips Dan considered for limited mini series, including “Rourke of the Radlands” which I co-created with Green Lantern and Wonder Woman artist Liam Sharp.

Marvel UK issued written confirmation of creator rights during the run up to the Marvel UK “Genesis 1992” project, at my suggestion and agreement from Paul Neary, a confirmation of rights that’s also enabled Lew Stringer to re-publish his “Combat Colin” strips from Action Force and Transformers.

Marvel UK’s Strip has no direct connection with the similarly-titled STRIP Comic Magazine launched by Bosnian-based Print Media Productions in February 2010, which I edited; a project I have written about for Baden James Mellonie’s upcoming Rejected anthology.

To mark the anniversary, here’s Liam Sharp’s original art for the cover for Strip #4, featuring “Rourke of the Radlands”, a character that has since featured in Dave Hailwood’s 100% Biodegradable anthology, which is available on ComiXology, including a new strip drawn by Bill Storie.

Liam Sharp's original art for the cover of STRIP #4, featuring "Rourke of the Radlands" | Rourke of the Radlands © Liam Sharp/ John Freeman

Liam Sharp’s original art for the cover of STRIP #4, featuring “Rourke of the Radlands” | Rourke of the Radlands © Liam Sharp/ John Freeman

Strip, published by Marvel UK, #1 cover dated 17th February 1990 to 10th November 1990, 20 issues

Michael’s Rusty Staples Hatch, Match & Dispatch – February 2020 article is here

Read Luke Williams feature on “The Man from Cancer” here on downthetubes

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  1. I bloody LOVED Strip, it was amazing. OK, once Marshal Law had finished the writing was probably on the wall (and as soon as Punisher reprints showed up it was painfully obvious the ship was about to sink), but – while it lasted – Strip was *superb*. And introduced me – and I guess many others – to so many great creators from here and the continent.
    And what could *possibly* be greater than Marshal Law, Storm and Death’s Head in fully painted colour at A4?

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