Marvelman Special from Alter Ego, Film Touted?

US publisher TwoMorrows Publishing is to release an issue of Alter Ego magazine dedicated to British 1950s hero Marvelman, a character revived by Alan Moore, Garry Leach and others in Warrior magazine in the 1980s. Since then, the character has suffered the ignominy of having to be re-named Miracleman at the insistence of Marvel Comcs and then been consigned to comics limbo, the result of further legal battles.

Wrapped in a cover by Rick Veitch, the magazine, edited by Roy Thomas, presents an overview of the original 1954-1963 saga of Marvelman, Marvelman Jr. and Kid Marvelman and will include an interview with writer/artist/co-creator Mick Anglo. The issue, due for publication in July, will also feature rare Marvelman/Miracleman work by Alan Davis, Alan Moore and others. More info here on the TwoMorrow web site

The current question of who owns Marvelman is covered in a very good round-up of recent developments on BobH’s Four Realities site here. New developments indicating a company called Emotiv has bought the rights comes from Pádraig Ó Méalóid.

Further, the film rights to Marvelman/Miracleman are being shopped around and, as Padraig notes, there is an ugly rumour that the format for the film will again plunder Alan Moore’s work but with revamped designs. More on this from Padraig on LiveJournal…

Moore himself insists Mick Anglo is the sole owner of Marvelman. “I was happy to do everything that I could to help Mick Anglo, who is the person who has always owned all of the rights to Marvelman, as far as I now understand it, that we never had the rights to do those stories [in Warrior], even though Mick really liked the stories that we did,” Moore told Padraig in the interview recently published on Forbidden Planet International’s blog. “We didn’t understand at the time that Mick Anglo was the sole owner of the rights. We were misled. So I’ve done everything that I can to clear all that up.”

(With thanks to Padraig for the links and information)

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