Marvel’s “Zorro: New World” rides back into comics on Free Comic Book Day, courtesy of American Mythology

Thirty years ago, Marvel Comics created a Zorro comic book written by Marvel UK stalwart Ian Rimmer, drawn by Mario Capaldi, based on the popular Family Channel television series featuring Duncan Regehr as the swashbuckling hero.

These incredible action adventure stories have not been seen in three decades. Now, Marvel’s take on Zorro is back, courtesy of American Mythology who are reprinting the 12-issue series Zorro: New World, launching on Free Comic Book Day on 14th August.

American Mythology - Zorro New World #1

In the opening story, written by Ian Rimmer and drawn by Mario Capaldi, Zorro is attacked and left for dead. With a severe case of amnesia, he must piece together the clues about his past and save the town as only Zorro can…

Packaged by Marvel UK, edited by Euan Peters, Zorro New World was first published by its parent, Marvel Comics, in 1990, running for 12 issues, the popularity of the TV series saw the comic reprinted in Holland, Germany and Sweden. Later issues included art and covers by 2000AD regular Dave Taylor, then a relative newcomer to the industry.

Ian Rimmer’s credits include editing the short-lived but fondly-remembered IPC horror-themed anthology title, Scream!, and writing “Tharg’s Future Shocks” for 2000AD, and “Skid Solo” for Tiger. He became an editor for Marvel UK, editing titles including Captain Britain Volume 2 (from issue #3 onwards) and Transformers and writing stories fir titles such as ThunderCats, The Real Ghostbusters, Zoids, Doctor Who, Action Force and the Marvel UK exclusive Spider-Man strip in Secret Wars Volume 1 #25. He then both edited and wrote various issues of Roy of the Rovers for IPC in the 1990s. More recently, he’s written material for MediKidz and scripted Wallace and Gromit strips, and is still working in writing on a book.

Zorro, by Mario Capaldi
Zorro, by Mario Capaldi
Zorro, fending off bullets, by Mario Capaldi
Zorro, fending off bullets, by Mario Capaldi

Mario Capaldi (1935-2004) was a full-time professional British artist who enjoyed an extensive art career spanning 44 years, from 1959 to 2003. Due to his reclusive nature, he never publicised any of his work, but his comics work encompassed a huge range of titles, including boys comics such as Battle, Eagle, Hurricane, Roy of the Rovers and Tiger, girls comics such as Bunty, Jinty, Judy, Misty and Tammy, and Marvel UK titles ranging from Barbie, Care Bears and Sesame Street to Captain Planet, James Bond Junior, ThunderCats, Zorro, and more.

Zorro first appeared in the story “The Curse of Capistrano” in the 1919 novel by American pulp writer Johnston McCulley – and may return to TV soon.

The character has appeared in comics many times since the 1940s, with reprints and original stories printed worldwide, some stories drawn by the legendary Alex Toth, whose work also featured on the final three covers of the Marvel series.

Marvel’s Zorro: New World #12 with a cover by Alex Toth
Marvel’s Zorro: New World #12 with a cover by Alex Toth

American Mythology is a comic book publisher with an impressive line-up of titles, including fresh, new titles, and comics based on beloved licenses, including The Three Stooges, Stargate: Atlantis, and the Pink Panther. Some of American Mythology’s contributors include Eisner-award winning artist Mark Wheatley, J.C. Vaughn, Andrew Mangum and James Kuhoric.

American Mythology’s classic Zorro adult horror series pick up after the end of the events of Curse of Capistrano, and sees the masked hero face off against undead conquistadors, evil brujos, and other supernatural threats.  Each series also features several special artist variant covers for each issue. American Mythology is also reprinting classic Zorro tales from Dell and foreign publishers, including some never-before-seen in English stories in their Zorro: Legendary Adventuresseries, and will be presenting a fresh new take on Lady Zorro in 2020.

You can Pre-order Zorro: New World #1 from American Mythology here from Forbidden Planet (Affiliate Link)

• Visit American Mythology’s website to buy and pre-order comics, as well as see information about upcoming issues.

Zorro at American Mythology

There is a terrific fan site dedicated to the New World Zorro TV series at

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