“Matt Marriott” western strip collections in English in the works, appeal for art, clippings

English language collections of “Matt Marriott“, the much-admired western strip first published in the London Evening News from 1955 until 1977 are in the works – but the publisher is asking fans of the strip help to fill some gaps in the material already assembled.

“Matt Marriott”, unusually for a newspaper strip, saw both Matt and his trail partner “Powder Horn” growing older as the story progressed. Written by Jim (James) Edgar, as we recently noted, it’s fondly remembered for its stunning art by Tony Weare (1912 – 1994), whose early comic credits also included “Pride of the Circus” and “Billy Brave” for Mickey Mouse Weekly, “Greyfriars Ghost” for Comet, and “The Colditz Story” for Junior Express in the 1950s. 

Manuel Caldas latest Matt Marriott collection, Clash at Dodge City, and accompanying reproduction strip, with thanks to Paul Duncan
Manuel Caldas latest Matt Marriott collection, Clash at Dodge City, photographs with thanks to Paul Duncan

Author and publisher Paul Duncan has been assisting Portuguese publisher  Manuel Caldas with his Spanish language collections of the widely-syndicated strip, so far running to three volumesthe latest, Enfrntamiento en Dodge City “Clash at Dodge City”), available now.

“The strip is probably the best Western strip ever published, but unfortunately very few people have had the opportunity to read it to find that out for themselves,” Paul notes.

Now, he’s working to reprint all 70 stories, originally published over 22 years, but he needs fans of the strip to help him create a “definitive” collection.

“Although we have scanned many originals and proofs and clippings, there are (understandably) many gaps,” he tells us. “If you have any original art, proofs, or clippings, or know of anybody who may have them, then please get in touch with me at MattMarriottScans@gmail.com.”

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  1. I don’t know if the book publishers know, but the strip can be seen on over 1,100 pages of the Leicester Evening Mail (between August 1957 and November 1963) on the British Newspaper Archive website.
    The site also carries a Daily Mirror feature about Tony Weare , and shows the last cartoon he drew for his daughter before his death.
    There’s also reference to the Newlyn Gallery which had an exhibition of original Matt Marriott strips, in 1990.

    • Thanks Rob – good to hear the strip appeared in at least one regional paper as well as a London one. Tony lived in the South West, so perhaps he was involved in the exhibition’s organisation?

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