Snapshot in Time: Judge Dredd in Metal Hammer

Following up on our previous “Snapshot in Time” feature, which included a “Judge Dredd” strip from the Daily Star first published in 1984, comic artist and colourist Alan Craddock has shared some episodes he was commissioned to colour by 2000AD editor Steve MacManus, for publication in Metal Hammer magazine.

The colour strips are all “Saturday” strips from the strip’s original run, written by John Wagner and Alan Grant, with art by Ron Smith. These were condensed tales, offering a mini adventure starring the Lawman of the Future told in just one, sometimes two, strips.

We’re not sure of the dates these ran in Metal Hammer – does anyone out there have information? Let us know. Alan tells us he coloured the first set in November 1996.

Judge Dredd Daily Star strip, coloured by Alan Craddock
Judge Dredd Daily Star strip, coloured by Alan Craddock
Judge Dredd Daily Star strip, coloured by Alan Craddock

An artist and colourist with over 30 years of experience, Alan Craddock became a freelance artist after meeting fellow artist Angus Mckie at Newcastle University, who introduced him to the London based artist’s agency Arena. He was commissioned by many book publishers, including Penguin, Sphere, Corgi and New English Library.

His many comic credits span 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine, covers for The Super Heroes Monthly and its associated spin-offs including the Superman Spectacular in 1980-82 (for London Editions Magazines), as well as Fleetway’s Cartoon Network, Panini’s Action Man, Spider-Man Adventures, Wickid, Sindy and Digimon titles; Doctor Who Adventures and the “Doctor Who” strip in the Radio Times written by Gary Russell, drawn by Lee Sullivan, for BBC Publishing, Robot Wars, the Tweenies and FBX magazine for BBC Worldwide, and Doctor Who – Battles in Time, for GE Fabbri.

His credits, sometimes working with a team of artists, also include work on titles such as Jackie Chan Adventures, Spider-Man Heroes and Villains, the Marvel and DC figurine collections and Batman Automobilia for Eaglemoss and various US publishers including Marvel Comics, Dark Horse and DC Comics.

He’s also done some film work, on the Heavy Metal film, with Angus Mckie, and TV work, for Tyne Tees and the BBC. This includes a series of SF/Fantasy paintings for the investigative BBC Panorama programme, debunking the Scientology Cult created by L Ron Hubbard, and Star Wars work, for Disney.

In 1992 after producing a portfolio of digital art, Dave Gibbons asked Angus and Alan to colour the line art for the graphic novel series, Martha Washington, written by Frank Miller. On completion, Alan was asked to do Neil Gaiman’s Mr Hero for Techno Comix.

He has also worked extensively outside the comics field on video covers, magazine covers, children’s books, computer game covers, fantasy gamebooks (notably for Fighting Fantasy) and trading cards.

Alan coloured two sets of “Judge Dredd” strips, completing the second batch in March 1997.

Judge Dredd Daily Star strip, coloured by Alan Craddock
Judge Dredd Daily Star strip, coloured by Alan Craddock
Judge Dredd Daily Star strip, coloured by Alan Craddock
Judge Dredd Daily Star strip, coloured by Alan Craddock
Judge Dredd Daily Star strip, coloured by Alan Craddock
Judge Dredd Daily Star strip, coloured by Alan Craddock

Metal Hammer was first published in 1986, serving as a definitive authority on rock music. In 2017, Future bought the brand, alongside Classic Rock and Prog magazine, relaunching them under the new parent brand of Louder and ensuring that everything under the banner of rock, metal, prog, punk, grunge, indie, alt.rock, blues, emo and everything in-between were covered, courtesy of journalists with decades of experience across the industry.

Metal’s strong bond with the world of comics has endured for decades now, but it’s hard to argue against the most significant crossover of all being the immortal “I Am The Law”, from Anthrax. Over on the Metal Hammer web site, band front man Scott Ian tells Dom Lawson how the Judge Dredd-inspired thrash classic that propelled Anthrax to greatness.

Metal Hammer also published three “Sinister Dexter” stories, written by Dan Abnett, drawn by Andy Clarke and Steve Roberts.

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