Missing Art: “Carol Day” newspaper strip boards from the Daily Mail sought for new collection – can you help?

Chris Killackey, an ardent American fan of the 1950s British newspaper strip “Carol Day“, has taken up the search for missing artwork for a new collection, along with Roger Clark – and is hoping collectors who bought boards from London’s long since closed Comic Showcase in the 1980s can help.

“Carol Day”, the creation of writer and artist David Wright, was published in the Daily Mail between 10th September 1956 and 25th May 1967. It was syndicated in around 70 newspapers around the world – but not the United States.

Carol Day - Lance Hallam - Episode 116
© 2021 Patrick Wright
Carol Day - Lance Hallam - Episode 137
© 2021 Patrick Wright

The beautifully-realised strip featured the every-day adventures of a young blonde model, Carol Day, who had a wealthy uncle in the Caribbean, Marcus, who serves as her guardian and help.

As we previously reported, the team have launched an all-new web site, currently focused on a particular story, “Lance Hallam“, the second Carol Day story represented by numbers 105-188, for a total of 84 daily comic strips. which ran for 84 episodes from 9th January through 19th April 1957.

Chris hopes he can find all the art for the whole of the Lance Hallam story, and is just seven episodes short in his quest – all featured here for collectors reference.

From the dailies thought to have been sold at Comic Showcase, Chris thinks that two Hallam originals – Numbers 116 and 137 are unaccounted for.

“Chris asked me if I could publicise these in particular,” says downthetubes reader Guy Lawley, who asked for our help with the appeal, “since I was one of the lucky fans who bought Carols from that batch back in the day, and have friends who also did.”

“Chris and Roger intend to publish the strip, he adds. “They have seven missing boards from the ‘Lance Hallam’ story. Two are said to be from the Showcase batch.”

The Missing “Lance Hallam” strips are: 116  (above) | 137 (above) | 140 | 142 | 145 | 155 | 165

Were you the buyer of either art board from the Comic Showcase sales – or are you the owner of others? Please send an email to Chris Killackey at ckillack@gmail.com if you have any information about the strips needed to complete the Lance Hallam project

Check out the Carol Day web site at www.carol-day.com

Comics editor and writer Steve MacManus tells us he believes the strip was lettered by Jack Potter or Gerry Lipp.


These are the other missing strips as published, not sold through Comic Showcase – can you help?

Carol Day is © 2021 Patrick Wright, son of David Wright | Item with thanks to Guy Lawley

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