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Myebook - The Sisterhood: MorningstarBritish indie Timebomb Comics have just pulished a preview of their new title The Sisterhood: Morningstar on

With art from newcomer Dan Barritt, The Sisterhood are dedicated to fighting the good fight in His name!

Sinners, it seems, are everywhere, blinded by Satan’s lure. Who else but women of faith, from all the known worlds, can thus help bring salvation to the lost souls of the galaxy?

The Sisterhood can offer comfort and friendship in these difficult times. With cloisters right across the rim, they can provide you with food, warmth, prayer, high density combat training and the satisfaction of doing the lord’s work as their unique HolyGhost Development Programme ensures a recommended dose of the holy spirit each and every day!

“This is our first full-colour book and will be launching at the Bristol Small Press Expo in May,” says publisher Steve Tanner.

“We came across Dan’s work at the 2007 Thought Bubble convention in Leeds,” he continues. “We loved Dan’s manga-esque style and his stunning panoramic battlescapes and andwe’re delighted to be able to showcase his work… We can safely say that the Dan is one up and coming British comics creator to keep an eye on.”

More about The Sisterhood on the TimeBomb Comics web site
Dan Barritt’s official web site

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