Naming Monsters, new graphic novel by Hannah Eaton, now on sale

Naming Monsters by Hannah Eaton

Hannah Eaton's graphic novel Naming Monsters, published by Myriad Editions, has just gone on sale

Described by Myriad as an adult Where the Wild Things Are, Naming Monsters is a warm, funny, intriguing and sexually explicit take on what happens when your emotions become personified by monsters, and how you learn to live with them.

Fran is a keen amateur cryptozoologist – an expert in the study of animals that may not exist – and she can’t quite tell if the animals she meets are real or part of her imagination. But one thing is for sure: monsters are all around us.

The year is 1993, and we join Fran on a wild ride around London while she negotiates its real or imagined menageries. Tales of strange creatures that might-have-been introduce each stage of her journey.

Fran’s adventure, often with her best friend Alex in tow, is a psychogeography of London and its suburbs – a picaresque graphic novel in which the grief of losing her mother is punctuated by encounters with her semi-estranged dad, her out-of-touch East London Nana, a selfish boyfriend, and the odd black dog or two.

Naming Monsters was shortlisted for the First Fictions’ First Graphic Novel Competition. It's the creation of Brighton-based artist, writer and performer, Hannah Eaton, who is a learning mentor in a primary school, who says she is obsessed with ghosts.

This is her first book, but Hannah's work has appeared in The Comix Reader and she has also self-published a collection of three short fables, but most remain in her bottom drawer.

After receiving a BA in Fine Art from Oxford, and studying for an MA in Cultural Studies and teacher training, she worked with children in residential settings before her current position in a primary school.

A voracious reader of comics since the age of eight, she was brought up on the Beano, Viz and Posy Simmonds and graduated to Robert Crumb and Dan Clowes.

• Hannah Eaton will be appearing at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival as part of Quick Strips – Myriad Authors and Friends on Saturday 19th October 7.00 – 8.15pm For more details and booking information visit

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