Neil Gibson aims to bring comics into the mainstream

Neil Gibson (right) with actor Samuel L. Jackson

Neil Gibson (right) with actor Samuel L. Jackson

Comic book writer Neil Gibson is to give a talk at the flagship Regent Street Apple Store in London on 15th November 2012 about his passion for the comic book medium, and, like many other creators of the medium, campaign to get people to take graphic novels seriously.

“Comics are often seen as infantile” explains Gibson, whose credits include Twisted Dark, a collection of stories recommended for mature readers. “I intend to completely change the way most people think about comic books, I want to convince people who blindly assume comics aren’t serious literature to actually give them a shot.”

Gibson also promises an exclusive preview of his new comic “Tabatha”, which he describes as his “best yet.”

He will also be signing copies of his Twisted Dark series.

Neil used to have a very different life, travelling the world working as a management consultant. But in February 2011 he made the life changing decision to leave it all behind and follow his love for comic books. The flagship ‘Twisted Dark’ volumes, produced under Neil Gibson Comics, have been praised for their realistic characters, excellent art and thought provoking subject matter.

Each volume contains a selection of stand-alone short stories, but with hidden and subtle interconnections. Compared with TV’s The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits by critics, Neil’s stories explore the darker side of the human psyche.

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