STRIP Magazine #5/6 finally arrives in UK comic shops tomorrow

After several frustrating delays due to shipping issues, Strip Magazine Issue 5/6 – a giant-size double issue of Print Media’s action anthology – will finally reach UK comic shops tomorrow (Wednesday 31st October 2012).

Priced at £4.99, the 96 page special features a cover by John Ridgway and is another comic shop-only issue and wraps the first Black Ops Extreme story arc by John Freeman and PJ Holden and concludes James Hudnall and John Ridgway’s Age of Heroes fantasy adventure – for now.

This special giant size edition has even more comic strip action and adventure than ever, with almost a dirty dozen pages of Black Ops Extreme as the the do-or-die military team try to end an embassy siege in London – and confront a ghost from their past.

Also in the issue, the battle for the future of Earth hits the streets of Houston in Warpaint (by Phil Hester and John McCrea); the gripping conclusion to the first Devil’s Heritage adventure (by Jerome Felix and Paul Gastine), as dangerous Nazis hunt a diabolic treasure; elven magic in Age of Heroes; and not one, but two STRIP CHALLENGE winning stories, one by Stephen Baskerville and the other by Paul Rainey and Robert Wells; and two episodes of classic Action comic strip Hook Jaw.

Features this issue are interviews with creators Leo (Mirabilis) Hartas and Nick (Hugo Tate) Abadzis.

A Christmas special is now in production. And yes, several people have asked if PruntMedia mean Christmas 2013… let’s hope not, eh?

• Please note that due to the delayed release of this issue, features and information on the future plans of the title printed in the issue are completely at odds with the current aim of a 2013 news stand launch for Volume 2.

• The print edition of STRIP #5/6 was split into two digital editions for iPad, which include a small amount of digital extra material, some of which will be featured in future print issues 

Buy STRIP Magazine for Issue 5

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The previous digital issues of STRIP – for iPad only at present – are also available for just £1.99 each.

STRIP Magazine for iPad Issue 1

STRIP Magazine for iPad Issue 2

STRIP Magazine for iPad Issue 3

STRIP Magazine for iPad Issue 4

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