New Battle Action title coming from Rebellion?

A solicit for a new Battle Action title, which has since disappeared from the 2000AD web shop listings
A solicit for a new Battle Action title, which has since disappeared from the 2000AD web shop listings

Could a new Battle Action title be in the works from 2000AD publishers Rebellion? That certainly seems a possibility, after a solicit listing for Battle Action 1 appeared, briefly, on the official 2000AD web shop.


The solicitation suggested a May launch, with a cover price of £4.99, midway between 2000AD (£3.50) and Judge Dredd Megazine (£6.99) so if this is indeed on the cards, expect comic shop distributor Diamond to confirm it in upcoming catalogues.

An adventure comic from Rebellion, owners of the IPC-Fleetway archive of characters stretching back decades, has been rumoured for several years.

An adventure title would complement their other regular titles – 2000AD, Monster Fun and Judge Dredd Megazine – on the news stand. Not only would it serve as the means to relaunch new characters as well as revive old ones; it could also serve as a useful promotional device for Rebellion’s games catalogue, such as Sniper Elite, which has already spun out into comics.

Battle Picture Weekly, at various times also known as Battle Action, Battle Action Force, Battle and Battle with Storm Force, was published by IPC Magazines between March 1975 and to January 1988, when it merged with the new incarnation of Eagle.

Battle Action Special Treasury of British Comic Webshop Exclusive

The possible launch of a new title follows on the heels of the success of the Battle Action special Rebellion published last year, written by Garth Ennis (Preacher, The Boys), presenting his own take on the classic characters of Battle and Action, copies still available from the Treasury of British Comics web shop.

The line-up included strips featuring new takes on strips such as “Johnny Red”, “The Sarge”, “Crazy Keller” and “Dredger”, with art from the late Kevin O’Neill, Chris Burnham and John Higgins.

Copies of Battle Action are still available from the Treasury of British Comics web shop

UPDATE A Monthly, five issue mini series is on the way – more news soon!

With thanks to Reuben Willmott for spotting the listing

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  1. A Battle revival after 35 years, how exciting would that be?!

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