New Comics On Sale This Week (w/c 28th March): Head for Planet of the Damned!

Planet of the Damned

Here’s my pick of this week’s list of British creator and British publisher-skewed new comics, including new comics on sale in UK newsagents. This feature covers all titles released from Monday 28th March onwards with most new US comics released on Wednesday 30th March.

First published back in March, this week sees the release of the 2000AD collection of two classic stories in comic shops, one from the old British weekly, Starlord, in comic shops. We covered the release of Planet of the Damned in more detail here, but if you fancy a Bermuda Triangle-inspired science fiction comic that channels elements of Mad Max, this one’s for you!

Credited to R.E. Wright (re-write) as author, “Planet of the Damned” is drawn by a number of different artists – Argentinian artist Horacio LaliaAlonso Azpiri (who also drew “Black Hawk” for Tornado) and Jesús Suso Peña Rego (simply credited as Pena), who also drew “Skirmish” for Starlord and “Ant Wars” for 2000AD and numerous horror comics for US publishers including some for Eerie and Skywald Publications, a 1970s publisher of black-and-white comics magazines, primarily the horror anthologies NightmarePsycho and Scream (not to be confused with the British weekly of the same name).

“Planet of the Damned” features alongside “Death Planet” from 2000AD, a short serial written by Alan Hebden and drawn by Lopez which ran in 2000AD progs 62 to 70 in 1978, the first story in the comic to feature a female lead. It’s an odd tale, mixing girls comic tropes (a brave but accident prone heroine) with unsettling horror, (the death of a young girl in a fire).

If you’re looking for something for younger readers, then you should absolutely check out the new paperback editions of award-winning comic creator Luke Pearson‘s “Hilda” books from NoBrow Press. These are wonderful stories, beautifully told and drawn and deserving of all the priase they’ve had heaped on them. In short – recommended! Go find them.

UK Comics – Newsagents Spotlight

CommandoNo 4900 – Sailor With WingsIn UK newsagents, look out not only for your favourite titles but a Batman versus Superman Film Special, and The Beano (2nd April 2016 edition) is also back to its normal cover price of £2.50. CBeebies, CBeebies ArtOctonautsMarvel Avengers Assemble and Marvel Play Time also drop their price, but girls magazines Fairy Princess, Girl Talk and Go Girl all see price hikes, as do titles such as LEGO FriendsMike the Knight,  Skylanders Universe (Issue 18, on sale 30th March), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  (Issue 39, on sale 31st March) and Thunderbirds Are Go (Issue 7, on sale 30th March).

Some of these price rises may be because the accompanying gift commands a higher price point, but when the increased price – as in the case of Thunderbirds – is £1, that’s a hefty cost for the reader (or parent).

As usual, don’t forget that despite some British publishers lack of faith in full-blown cover to cover comic strip action and humour, there are still comics on sale in newsagents that still delight in bringing you such subversive delights, including The Beano, Commando (latest release intel here), Judge Dredd Megazine, Panini’s superhero titles, Titan Comics superhero titles and VIZ, with great strips also featuring in titles such as Doctor Who MagazineDoctor Who Adventures, Titan’s Doctor Who: Tales from the TARDIS (collecting their strips from the US format titles) MegaTOXIC and many others.

The Phoenix 220Plus, the wonderful Phoenix Comic is now on sale in many (but not all) Waitrose supermarkets and – at last, selected high street WH Smiths stores – and some comic shops (stockist list here) as well as available on subscription.

Hachette Partworks, whose partwork titles include Doctor Who: The Complete History and Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection, continue their How To Draw The Marvel Way, along with their re-release of their hugely successful part work, Marvel’s Marvel Ultimate Graphic Novel series.

Note that you may now have to subscribe if you want to continue buying Part Works some are not distributed in newsagents after their first few issues.

New Digital Comic Picks

Digital releases to look out for include David Lloyd’s fabulous Aces Weekly. Volume 20 has started and subscriptions cost just just £1 a week. And don’t miss out on all the Previous Volumes, which have up to 200 pages including Extras, and in full form feature in an exclusive Week-to-Week facility, which transforms any volume’s serialized stories into continuous comic book-sized narratives.

Comics On Sale in UK Comic Shops

On Sale in all good UK comic shops from Wednesday 30th March 2015

British Publishers

2000AD/ Rebellion

2000AD Prog 1974

2000AD Prog 1974

Featuring: Judge Dredd: The Grindstone Cowboys by Michael Carroll, Colin MacNeil, Len O’Grady, and Annie Parkhouse; Tharg’s 3rillers: Repossession Orders by Eddie Robson, Jake Lynch, and Simon Bowland; Survival Geeks: Geeks Fatales by Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeby, Neil Googe, Gary Caldwell, and Ellie De Ville; Tainted: The Fall of Deadworld by Kek-W, Dave Kendall, and Annie Parkhouse; Aquila: Charon’s Mercy by Gordon Rennie, Paul Davidson, Len O’Grady, and Ellie De Ville.

The Bermuda Triangle element of "planet of the Damned" afforded some striking story elements, such as this World War Two submarine run by a crew demanding tolls from travellers.

The Bermuda Triangle element of “planet of the Damned” afforded some striking story elements, such as this World War Two submarine run by a crew demanding tolls from travellers.

Planet of the Damned

Two twisted classic strips from 2000AD, never before collected! Beyond the Bermuda Triangle lies a world so hostile to human beings that those stranded there know it as “The Planet of the Damned!”

When a jet crashes on this treacherous world, the survivors find themselves being relentlessly attacked by all forms native flora and fauna. Fortunately they are discovered by Flint, another human stranded on this world. With their axe-wielding guide in taking charge, some of the survivors may just find a way to return home alive!

In “Death Planet,” it’s the 23rd century and the starship Eternity sets out from Earth carrying a cargo of colonists bound for new lives on distant worlds. When the ship is knocked off course, crashing on an unknown alien planet, Commander Lorna Varn and colonist leader Richard Cory must set aside their differences and work together to keep everyone alive!

Strontium Dog: Outlaw

Strontium Dog Outlaw Digest Trade Paperback
Writer: John Wagner, Alan Grant Artist/ Cover Artist: Carlos Ezquerra

The inhabitants of Jock’s Landing on the water world of Och-Eleven have been slaughtered and everyone thinks Johnny Alpha and his partner Wulf are the murderers! Framed by two sinister Stix brothers in retaliation for the murder of their brother, the hunters become the hunted and must evade a legion of Strontium Dogs while trying to clear their names.

NoBrow Press

Hilda and the TrollHilda and the Troll
Writer, Artist and Cover Artist: Luke Pearson

A new paperback edition of Hilda’s first magical adventure in the land of Trolberg from award-winning cartoonist Luke Pearson! Hilda can never sit still for long without setting off on another adventure. She can’t resist exploring her enchanting world – a place where trolls walk, crows speak, and mountains move.

While on an expedition to illustrate the magical creatures of the mountains around her home, Hilda spots a mountain troll. As the blue-haired explorer sits and sketches, she slowly starts to nod off. By the time she wakes up, the troll has totally disappeared and, even worse, Hilda is lost in a snowstorm. On her way home, Hilda befriends a lonely wooden man, and narrowly avoids getting squashed by a lost giant.

Writer, Artist and Cover Artist: Luke Pearson

A comic book great for kids or adults, filled with humor, adventure, and thrills. Hilda sits in her tent listening to the thunder passing overhead when she hears a bell. As she hurtles towards the vanishing tinkling sound, Hilda unwittingly embarks on an adventure into strange worlds ruled by magical forces. Luke Pearson tells this exciting tale for kids and adults alike.

Hilda: The Bird Parade

Hilda: The Bird Parade

Getting used to life in the big city is proving difficult for Hilda. The diminutive explorer is still missing the enchanted valleys and magical friends that surrounded her home in the fjords. But tonight is different; tonight is the night of the mysterious Bird Parade. Finding herself lost on the streets of Trolberg, Hilda befriends a talking raven. Together they encounter all manner of bizarre creatures from outcast Trolls to ferocious Salt Lions and deadly Rat Kings – maybe the city isn’t so boring after all. As the pair try to find their way home, it becomes clear that the amnesiac raven has an important mission to attend to, if only he could remember what it was.

Hilda and the Black Hound

Hilda and the Black Hound

In this Hilda adventure from the multiple Eisner award nominated Luke Pearson, our little lady meets the Nisse: a mischievous but charismatic bunch of misfits who occupy a world beside – but also somehow within – our own, where the rules of physics don’t quite match up. Meanwhile, on the streets of Trolberg, a dark spector looms!

Titan Comics

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Trade Paperback Volume One: Revolutions Of Terror

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Trade Paperback Volume One: Revolutions Of Terror
Writer: Nick Abadzis Artist: Elena Casagrande Cover Artist: Alice X Zhang

The Tenth Doctor thought he was done with traveling companions after Donna’s tragic exit, but that was before he met Gabriella “Gabby” Gonzalez during an incursion of psychic parasites in Brooklyn, New York! Now she’s traveling the cosmos as the Doctor’s latest companion – and life couldn’t be more exciting!

Battling invisible creatures on the Day of the Dead or uncovering a galactic conspiracy in the universe’s most famous art gallery, the only downside is the constant threat of death!

Collects Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #1-5.

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Trade Paperback Volume 1 - After Life

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Trade Paperback Volume 1 – After Life
Writer: Al Ewing, Rob Williams Artist: Simon Fraser, Boo Cook Cover Artist: Alice X Zhang

Alice Obiefune was at her lowest ebb when the eleventh Doctor burst into her life – she’d lost her mother, her job and her apartment. But it didn’t take much of the Doctor’s compassion to get her on board the TARDIS, rediscovering the beauty in life, one time-lost adventure at a time!

From tackling an alien pet in the streets of London, to exposing a devilish mystery in the 1930s Bayou, every day with the Doctor brings a new, impossible, life-threatening experience!

Collects Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #1-5.

Dragons Riders Of Berk Collection Trade Paperback Volume 2

Dragons Riders Of Berk Collection Trade Paperback Volume 2
Writer: Simon Furman Artist: Jack Lawrence & Various

Titan Comics proudly presents an all-new Collectors Edition of the original adventures of Hiccup and Toothless! Written by Simon Furman (Transformers, Matt Hatter Chronicles). Collects volumes 3 and 4 of the Digest Editions.

US Comic Publishers


Previews #331 APRIL 2016

Previews #331 APRIL 2016

PREVIEWS is your ultimate guide to comics, graphic novels and pop-culture merchandise available from your local comic book shop… revealed up to two months in advance. Read product detailed descriptions and storylines for hundreds comic books and graphic novels from the top comic book publishers; the coolest toys and pop-culture merchandise on Earth; plus PREVIEWS exclusive items you’ll find nowhere else! It’s great monthly read to find out what’s at comic shops!

This April issue features items schedule to ship in June 2016 and beyond.

Dark Horse Comics

Conan The Avenger #24
Fight Club 2 #10 Mack Main Cvr
King Conan Wolves Beyond The Border #4
Pastaways #9

DC Comics

100 Bullets Trade Paperback Book 5 (Mature Readers)

Aquaman #50

Aquaman #50
Writer: Dan Abnett Artist/ Cover Artist: Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund

Dead Water is a killer and a monster. No matter where you go, he can reach you if there’s even one drop of water present. Pray that Aquaman finds you first! And the most famous oceanic hero on Earth is Aquaman, right? In our gala 50th issue, make way for…Aquawoman!

Batman And Robin Eternal #26

Justice League Of America #8

Justice League Of America #8
Writer: Bryan Hitch Artist: Bryan Hitch, Daniel Henriques Cover Artist: Bryan Hitch

With Earth as collateral damage, the Kryptonian deity called Rao has the Justice League on the ropes! It would take a miracle to defeat him. Good thing the League makes miracles look easy…

Omega Men #10

Omega Men #10
Writer: Tom King Artist: Barnaby Bagenda Cover Artist: Trevor Hutchinson

The explosive revelations of issue #9 have turned all eyes toward Vega, and the Citadel must act fast to crush rebellion and maintain control over the most valuable resource in the cosmos. The Viceroy’s first target? Karna, the insurgent, jungle homeworld of the Omega Man by whom he feels most betrayed: Tigorr, his own wayward son. The epic final act of DC’s critically acclaimed space opera begins here!

Red Hood Arsenal Trade Paperback Volume 1 Open For Business
Suiciders King Of Hella #1 (Mature Readers)
Superman Batman Trade Paperback Volume 3
We Are Robin Trade Paperback Volume 1 The Vigilante Business

Worlds Funnest Trade Paperback

Worlds Funnest Trade Paperback
Writer: Evan Dorkin & Various Artist: Joe Shuster & Various Cover Artist: Brian Bolland

Bat-Mite stars in this collection of misadventures with appearances by Superman, the Justice League of America and Superman’s equally magical-and annoying-foe, Mr. Mxyzptlk. Collects SUPERMAN AND BATMAN: WORLD’S FUNNEST #1, BATMAN: MITEFALL #1, WORLD’S FINEST #6, DETECTIVE COMICS #267 and more!


Back To The Future #6
Ghostbusters International #3
Godzilla Oblivion #1
Jem & The Holograms #13

Judge Dredd (Ongoing) #4Judge Dredd (Ongoing) #4
Writer: Ulises Farinas, Erick Freitas Artist: Dan McDaid Cover Artist: Ulises Farinas

Mega-City Zero, Part 4! As Dredd continues to unravel the mystery of what has become of Mega-City One, he’s brought before “The Forum” to be judged himself!

Ragnarok #8
Skylanders Superchargers #6
Street Fighter X GI Joe #2
Tet Trade Paperback
TMNT Deviations (One Shot)

Transformers Armada Omnibus Trade PaperbackTransformers Armada Omnibus Trade Paperback
Writer: Chris Sarracini, Simon Furman Artist: James Raiz & Various Cover Artist: Guido Guidi

BACK IN PRINT! The DECEPTICONS, feeding off the energy of captured Mini-Cons, are about to begin a hostile takeover of the TRANSFORMERS’ home planet, CYBERTRON. Do OPTIMUS PRIME and the heroic AUTOBOTS stand a chance of defending the planet against these super-powered villains? And will the Mini-Cons ever get their freedom back? The action is so explosive that the shockwaves will shake not only CYBERTRON but even planet Earth right down to the core. All 18 issues of Transformers: Armada are collected in this omnibus.

Transformers More Than Meets Eye #51

Image Comics

Astronauts In Trouble #10

Astronauts In Trouble #10
Writer: Larry Young Artist: Charlie Adlard

It’s hard to beat a straight flush.
Black Science #21 (Mature Readers)
East Of West Trade Paperback Volume 5 All These Secrets
Echoes Trade Paperback Volume 1 (Mature Readers)
Elephantmen #69
Elephantmen #69 (Mature Readers)
Writer: Richard Starkings Artist: Axel Medellin Cover Artist: Boo Cook

“All Coming Evil” Conclusion

Faster Than Light Trade Paperback Volume 1
Four Eyes Hearts Of Fire #3
Octopus Pie Trade Paperback Volume 2
Paper Girls Trade Paperback Volume 1
Postal #11 (Variant Covers)
Power Lines #1 (Mature Readers)
Revival #38
Saga #35 (Mature Readers)
They’re Not Like Us #12 (Mature Readers)

Walking Dead Trade Paperback Volume 25: No Turning Back
Walking Dead Trade Paperback Volume 25: No Turning Back (Mature Readers)
Wayward #15 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)

Marvel Comics

A-Force Presents Trade Paperback Volume 4
All New All Different Marvel Universe
All New X-Men #7

Amazing Spider-Man #1.4Amazing Spider-Man #1.4
Writer: Jorge Molina Artist: Simone Bianchi Cover Artist: Bryan Hitch

• The line between life and death has blurred!
•  Spider-Man and the Santerians face a new mystical threat that will horrify you in ways you never imagined!
Rated T+
Captain America Sam Wilson #7 Aso
Civil War House Of M Trade Paperback
Civil War Peter Parker Spider-Man Trade Paperback New Printing
Civil War Punisher War Journal Trade Paperback New Printing
Daredevil #5

Darth Vader #18Darth Vader #18
Writer: Kieron Gillen Artist: Salvador Larroca Cover Artist: Kaare Andrews

• With resources vital to the Empire on the line, Vader makes his move…
•  But Cylo and his forces are looking to show him up before he can!
•  Full-scale warfare on the surface of Sho-Turun!
Rated T

Drax #5
Figment 2 Hc Legacy Of Imagination
Hercules #5Hercules #5
Writer: Dan Abnett Artist: Luke Ross Cover Artist: Jay Anacleto

The Storm is coming. All myths are dying. New York is the final battleground. Hercules gathers his unlikely allies to make a last stand and protect the Old Ways. But he has never seen a fury like the monsters the Storm is bringing with it.
Rated T+

Iron Man Epic Collection Trade Paperback Duel Of Iron
Marvel Universe Guardians Of Galaxy Trade Paperback Digest Volume 1
Marvel Universe Ult Spider-Man Contest Champions #1
Max Ride #5 Ultimate Flight
Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #5
Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection Book Trade Paperback Book 6
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6
Uncanny Inhumans Trade Paperback Volume 1
X-Men 92 #1

Other Publishers Comics And Graphic Novels

Akuma No Riddle Graphic Novel Volume 3 Riddle Story Of Devil
Archie Comics Double Digest #267
Assassination Classroom Graphic Novel Volume 9
Big Planet Blue Graphic Novel
Book Of Death Deluxe Hard Cover
Case Closed Graphic Novel Volume 58
Cleopatra In Space Graphic Novel Volume 1
Crossed Badlands #95 (Mature Readers)
Crossed Badlands #95 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Demon Prince Of Momochi House Graphic Novel Volume 4
Dorohedoro Graphic Novel Volume 18 (Mature Readers)
Faith #1 4th Printing
Faith #3 (Variant Covers)
Food Wars Shokugeki No Soma Graphic Novel Volume 11
GFT Grimm Tales Of Terror Volume 2 #6 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
GFT Red Agent #3 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
GFT Satan’s Hollow #1 (Variant Covers)
Ghost Wolf Born In Snow And Blood Trade Paperback
Glorkian Warrior Hc Graphic Novel Volume 3 Mustache Of Destiny
Golem Graphic Novel
Haganai I Dont Have Many Friends Graphic Novel Volume 13 (Mature Readers)
Hexed Harlot & Thief Trade Paperback Volume 2
Honey So Sweet Graphic Novel Volume 2
Honor Student At Magic High School Graphic Novel Volume 2
Hour Of The Zombie Graphic Novel Volume 1
Immortal Wings #3
Jughead #5 Reg Cvr A Henderson
Jungle Fantasy Vixens #2 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Karneval Graphic Novel Volume 4
Kolchak Phoenix Rising
Lantern City Hc Volume 1
Lego Ninjago Graphic Novel Volume 2 Ghost Ninja
Library Wars Love & War Graphic Novel Volume 15
Lords Of The Jungle #1 Rare Ross Virgin Art Ed
Madagascar #1
Magi Graphic Novel Volume 17
Magic Pickle Graphic Novel
Mercy Sparx #11 (Variant Covers)
Mercy Sparx Who The F (One Shot)
Midnight Stranger Graphic Novel Volume 1 (Mature Readers)
Missile Mouse Graphic Novel Volume 1 Star Crusher
Missile Mouse Graphic Novel Volume 2
Monster Hunter Flash Hunter Graphic Novel Volume 1
Monster Trade Paperback Volume 8 Perfect Ed Urasawa
Munchkin #15
My Little Monster Graphic Novel Volume 13
My Love Story Graphic Novel Volume 8
Naruto 3in1 Trade Paperback Volume 14
Nathan Hales Hazardous Tales Hard Cover Volume 6 Alamo All-Stars
Nichijou Graphic Novel Volume 1
Ninjas Vs Aliens #1
Nutmeg #7
Oni Press Starter Pack 2016
Operation Nemesis Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)
Overtaken #2 (Variant Covers)
Poptropica Book 1 Mystery Of The Map
Queen Of Vampires #3 (Mature Readers)
Rai Trade Paperback Volume 3 The Orphan
Red Sonja Volume 3 #3 Rare Sauvage Virgin Art Edition
Rick & Morty #1 5th Printing
Rick & Morty #12
Rising Of The Shield Hero Graphic Novel Volume 2 Manga Companion
Robert Jordan Eye Of The World Trade Paperback Volume 6
Robot Dreams Graphic Novel New Printing
School Judgment Gakkyu Hotei Graphic Novel Volume 2
Science Comics Coral Reefs Cities Of Ocean Soft Cover Graphic Novel
Science Comics Dinosaurs Fossils & Feathers Soft Cover Graphic Novel
Self Storage #4
Seven Deadly Sins Graphic Novel Volume 13

Six #5

Six #5
Publisher: 451 MEDIA GROUP
Writer: George Pelecanos, Andrew Ewington (A/CA) Mack Chater

How long can the calm before the storm last? A relationship from McQuade’s past is unearthed, and it has the potential to do much more damage than the guns he stashed away in his coffin. Now that the team has landed in Mexico they’ll be no turning back. When the first shots are fired, and a war is ignited between our heroes and a Mexican drug cartel, will these six soldiers have each others backs? Find out, in this thrilling story that is equal parts a war for one family’s safety as it is a war for one man’s soul.

So Cute It Hurts Graphic Novel Volume 6
Sonic Universe #83 Reg Cvr A Yardley
Spook #4
Strayer #3
Sword Art Online Progressive Graphic Novel Volume 4
Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #97 (Mature Readers)
Tokyo Ghoul Graphic Novel Volume 6 (Mature Readers)
Toriko Graphic Novel Volume 33
Twin Star Exorcists Graphic Novel Volume 4
UQ Holder Graphic Novel Volume 7
Vampblade #3 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Xed #2 (Mature Readers)
Your Lie In April Graphic Novel Volume 6
Yu Gi Oh 5ds Graphic Novel Volume 9
Zombie Tramp Ongoing #21 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)


Comic Shop News #1502
DC Superhero Best Of Fig Coll Mag #7 Catwoman
Doctor Who Adventures Magazine #11
Hi Fructose Magazine Quarterly #39
Horrorhound #58
Marvel Fact Files #110
Marvel Fact Files #111
Marvel Fact Files #112
Marvel Fact Files #93 Agents Of Atlas Cover
Nickelodeon Magazine #10
Sf&F Modeller Presents Modelling The Eagle
Star Trek Starships Fig Mag #63 Antares


Adventure Time Bowling Kit
Arrow Ruled Journal Hard Cover
Chaika Coffin Princess Graphic Novel Volume 4
Comic Artists Photo Reference People & Pose Soft Cover
Cure For Cancer MMPB (Mature Readers)
Doctor Who Complete History Hard Cover Volume 7 10th Doctor Stories 167 – 169
Doctor Who Complete History Hard Cover Volume 8 2nd Doctor Stories 45 -47
Doctor Who Complete History Hard Cover Volume 9 5th Doctor Stories 130-132
Doctor Who Complete History Hard Cover Volume 10 11th Doctor Stories 240-241
Doctor Who Complete History Hard Cover Volume 11 1st Doctor Stories 14-17
Durarara Light Novel Volume 3
Ed Brubaker Conversations Hard Cover
Gotham Ruled Journal Hard Cover
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Light Up Ring & Illus Book Kit
Murder Never Knocks MMPB
My First Batman Book Board Book New Printing
Quarrys Vote Mmpb
Slayers Women Of War Art Of Jose Del Nido Soft Cover (Mature Readers)
The Flash Ruled Journal Hc
Vault Simpsonology Hc Volume 6 Bartman Heros Handbook
Warhammer Total War Lord Of Chaos Soft Cover
Wrath Of Fu Manchu MMPB (Mature Readers)

• Thanks as ever to First Age Comics Lancaster for their help

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