New Doctor Who Adventures goes Ood Crazy!

Doctor Who Adventures #3



Doctor Who Adventures Issue 3 is set to materialise on planet Earth on 18th June and the team behind the revamped comic are getting ready to go Ood Crazy!

In this issue’s comic strip, “Doctor In A Bottle” drawn by Russ Leach, coloured by John Burns, Clara opens a strange looking bottle and unleashes the power of the Djinx on the city of London. With the Doctor taking the Djinx’s place, imprisoned in a bottle, it’s down to Clara to save London from destruction.

In a new text story, the Doctor makes a guest appearance in “The Giant’s Heart”, a Paternoster Gang story, which sees the team guarding a mysterious diamond in the Tower of London.


  • Friends of Foes? Access the TARDIS data core to find out all about the mysterious and enigmatic Ood.
  • Clara’s Craft Studio: Prepare for a party you will never forget – how to make your very own Ood piñata, guaranteed to make your party go with a bang!
  • U.N.I.T. Alien Archives: All the lowdown you need should you come face to face with the Clockwork Droids on your travels! Whatever you do, don’t wind them up or you’ll be in trouble.
  • Strax’s Guide to the Galaxy: Sontaran Strax continues his guide to the galaxy as he introduces you to the delights of Gallifrey, the Ood-Sphere and Demons Run!

Also in this issue, you’ve got the chance to win a brand new Doctor Who Cluedo game, you’ll face brain-tingling puzzles and get to play Lost in The TARDIS! All this and much, much more!

Issue 3 comes with a Free Giant Poster and your very own Dalek Patrol.

Doctor Who Adventures – On sale 18th June 2015, price £3.99 in all good newsagents



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