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Doctor Who 5” Character Options figures 2020 montage

The Doctor Who Figures History has uncovered pictures of new Doctor Who 5.5” Character Options figures leaked on eBay, initially spotted Ryan J Chessher from 6Sek (aka @DonfreyD on Twitter).

The DWFH team posted the mystery pictures featuring many new figures classic characters and new Daleks on Twitter, “stuff we thought we’d never ever see after all this time,” they enthused.

Just how the new figures were leaked to eBay is a mystery, although it’s rumoured an official announcement is imminent. (The images have since been removed from the auction site).

The photographs appear to reveal more classic figures – Doctors, companions and monsters – are soon being added to the existing Character Options line sold through B&M Bargains.

Of particular interest will surely be new “History of the Daleks” sets and UNIT characters – not just the Brigadier, but Sgt. Benton and Captain Yates, too.

Doctor Who 5” Character Options "History of the Daleks" figure
Doctor Who 5” Character Options “History of the Daleks” figure

There’s a new Fourth Doctor companions release, too – Sarah Jane Smith from Genesis of the Daleks/Revenge of the Cybermen; Romana I from The Pirate Planet; and Romana II from Destiny of the Daleks.

Doctor Who 5” Character Options Companions of the Fourth Doctor figures
Doctor Who 5” Character Options Companions of the Fourth Doctor figures

(Companion Leela has been previously released, in 2017 with a Fourth Doctor and K9).

UPDATE 18th May 2020: The additions to the Character Options range have now been confirmed and are due for release next month (June) through B&M Bargains.

Coming soon are figures of the Second Doctor (and TARDIS), Sarah Jane Smith, Romana, Sergeant Benton, Captain Yates, and Daleks, too – and the good news is that these figures will not only be available in the UK, but the US, too.

Customers in the United States can now pre-order boxsets via The Official North America Doctor Who Store, Amazon and the BBC Shop.

Second Doctor and TARDIS Set

The new release of the Second Doctor and TARDIS Set features detailing from the last episode of 1969’s ten part epic The War Games, the final story of Season Six.

The set comprises the Second Doctor with ripped trouser knee details and bedraggled appearance. The TARDIS comes in dark blue with iconic Second Doctor square top lamp, standard opening doors, ‘POLICE BOX’ signage and the newer low-profile base.

Companions of the Fourth Doctor

Hot on the heels of the Harry Sullivan figure release last year, Companions of the Fourth Doctor features a new figure of Sarah Jane Smith and two figures of Romana completing the Fourth Doctor’s companion list from 1975 to 1981.

This set includes Sarah Jane Smith as seen in 1975’s Genesis of the Daleks and Revenge of the Cybermen stories, and Romana as seen in 1978’s The Pirate Planet and 1979’s Destiny of the Daleks.

U.N.I.T Claws of Axos Set

For some collectors, the arrival of the 1971 U.N.I.T Claws of Axos Set ends possibly the longest awaited figure release and completes the classic Third Doctor’s core U.N.I.T team of Brigadier Lethbridge Stuart, Captain Mike Yates and Sergeant John Benton.

This new set features figures from Season 8’s 1971 story The Claws of Axos; the Brigadier wearing his less formal uniform with U.N.I.T beret, and Benton and Yates sporting their combat fatigues and webbing.

For Dalek aficionados there will be the two History of the Daleks Sets, which include specially created inserts as part of the heritage Doctor Who brand packaging.

The Daleks Collector Set comprises of a Twin Dalek Set and features the Daleks as seen fully in The Daleks, the second story of the very first season of Doctor Who in 1963.

When seen in the early days of black and white television these Daleks were utterly alien in look and virtually identical in their livery of silver, mid grey and blue hemispheres. Their eyestalks became larger or smaller like the pupil of an eye and their guns comprised straight metal rails with inset plastic octagons.

To identify each prop the casings had parallel black lines etched on, numbering them one to four. This has been replicated as accurately as possible in this new set.

The Dalek Invasion of Earth Collector Set features the Daleks as seen in the second serial of the second season, The Dalek Invasion of Earth, from 1964. Overwhelming demand and popularity meant the Daleks had to return, and this time they came to Earth.

These revised Daleks were taller and more imposing with deep bases and revised colour schemes this stunning new set represents a silver eyed ‘Drone’ Dalek and the black ‘Saucer Command’ Dalek.

Included in this set of releases is the first Friends and Foes of the Thirteenth Doctor set, featuring Yasmin (Yaz) Khan, as seen in Arachnids in the UK, and Ryan Sinclair as seen in the story Rosa.

The set also features a Judoon Trooper, one of the ruthless intergalactic security enforcers seen in the story Fugitive of the Judoon.

“This will be the first time in almost a decade where there will be parallel launches of the same product in the UK and the USA,” commented Al Dewar, Character Options, Creative Director.

“Hopefully this new wave of toys will contain a few surprises for everyone.

“As always, the Character team has tried very hard to bring something new to delight, and hopefully exceed the expectations of fans and collectors alike. This time we are bringing even more to the table with six new products!”

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  1. Fantastic news if this happens! I have a huge collection of the 5″ Character Options and Underground Toys, loose, moc and mib, and have missed adding to it the past few years. It’s an incredibly detailed line with plenty of nods to past Who as well as current incarnations. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I wish they would make more of the smaller 3.5 figures, at least they were easier to store and you could mix them with the Eaglemoss daleks figures because they were the same size. Kudos to those who collect these 5″ figures, but I hope Character Options knows there’s a market for the 3.5 figures as well.

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