New Doctor Who Comic On Sale Now

Doctor Who Comic Issue 7

The latest issue of Doctor Who Comic, Titan Comics 100-page collections of their Doctor Who stories initially published in US format, is now on sale in newsagents.

Featured this issue are:

The Twelfth Doctor – “The Fractures, Part Two”: When the Doctor returned Clara to Earth, she expected a brief respite from adventure. Instead, a crack has formed in the Void between universes – and trouble is spilling out.

In our world, UNIT scientist Paul Foster was killed in a car crash, while his family survived – in his, it was his wife and daughters that perished. Now, this alternate Paul Foster has made the leap through the Void to reunite with his family. But he doesn’t belong in this dimension, and a menacing group of body-hopping entities known as the Fractures are hunting Foster to stop reality from rupturing!

Can the Doctor save the universe AND bring a family back together – or will sacrifices have to be made?

The Eleventh Doctor – “The Eternal Dogfight” and The Infinite Astronaut”: Alice, Jones and ARC have joined the Doctor aboard the TARDIS. During a time-twisting adventure where the flow of time reversed inside the vortex, the Doctor succeeded in preventing Jones’ death and the destruction of an entire planet.

Now Alice must return to London and confront the challenges of everyday life. With her landlord in the process of evicting her, and as she mourns the loss of her mother, the last thing she needs is to face a sky full of alien fighter pilots. But travels with the Doctor never do turn out quite as you’d expect…

The Tenth Doctor – “The Weeping Angel of Mons”: The Doctor and Gabby are trapped in the chaos of World War One, where trench foot is the least of their worries. With the TARDIS seemingly scattered across No Man’s Land and the Sonic Screwdriver in the hands of the military, the Doctor and Gabby must now convince the skeptical Captain Fairbairn that they are not spies – or face the firing squad! Far from the trip to paradise Gabby was hoping for, they’re stuck in a desolate wasteland where even the statues are deadly. Can the Time Lord’s new companion make it out alive?

The issue also includes a chance to win new Wave 4 Doctor Who Figures Courtesy of Character Options.

• Pick up a copy of Doctor Who Comic UK Issue 7, available at all good retailers or buy online at:

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