New Edition of Josh Blaylock’s “How to Self Publish Comics” Released

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First published in 2006 as a four issue US comic series, Josh Blaylock‘s now classic How-To prose book, How to Self-Publish Comics: Not Just Create Them about the business of comics publishing, after selling out of its updated 2012 edition, has now been re-released by his own company, Devil’s Due Entertainment to include Tim Seeley‘s companion writings on the behind-the-scenes realities of being a comic book artist, originally released in pamphlet form.

Josh Blaylock is the author of many comics, including Mercy Sparx, G.I. Joe, Voltron, G.I. Joe vs. Transformers, and the historical thriller-drama Operation Nemesis (inspired by a true story). He’s the founder of Devil’s Due, which shook up the American comic book publishing landscape in the early 2000s and brought licensing of retro pop culture properties to the forefront. Today he embraces the evolution of publishing by nurturing and consulting new talent through a combination of crowdfunding, traditional publishing, and navigating the landscape of comic-cons. He can be found signing books, sketching for fans and speaking on self-publishing at comic shops and conventions across the country.

A 140 page book, How to Self-Publish Comics: Not Just Create Them considered by many as a must for anyone serious about being a comic book professional. Beyond just self-publishing, it’s an in-depth look at the way the comic book industry works, from concept to shelf, and it aims to provide the value of a true understanding of the publishing process. The book advises creators on how to build your publishing infrastructure, form your creative team, offers advice on sales and marketing, how to make to best use of convention appearances, suggestions about crowdfunding and information on digital publishing – and more – things everyone needs to know to understand the publishing process.

“How to Self-Publish is the culmination of everything I’ve learned in publishing (and business) over the past 15 years spilled out onto the printed page,” says Josh, who’s clearly had both the best and worst experiences as a creator down the years. “All of my thoughts, experiences and lessons learned in one simple, step by step, easy-to-read edition.

“Since this is the Master Editionwe’re including a bonus section which includes How to Be a Comic Book Artist: Not Just How to Draw, by Tim Seeley. Invaluable to any aspiring artist, of course, but also extremely informative for anyone who will be working directly with an artist during the publishing process. These two books were always meant to go together, so it’s about time they were collected together.”

Buy How to Self-Publish Comics: Not Just Create Them from

Buy How to Self-Publish Comics: Not Just Create Them from

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