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Over on Comic Book Resources, Rich Johnston has published a preview, complete with several photographs, of ITV2’s new superhero sitcom No Heroics, as part of his latest Lying in the Gutters comics news and gossip column.

The show, set to debut later this year, is currently being previewed for the press, so expect more mainstream media to pick up on the new show, which is being produced by Tiger Aspect.

Created and produced by Drew Pearce, whose credits include ITV2’s magazine reality show Deadline, No Heroics is ITV2’s first original sitcom, and centres on the lives of four London-based off-duty superheroes and their struggles in love and with fame – or the lack of it.

The sees the off-duty superheroes living their day to day life, which for supposed saviours of the world is actually rather normal – as they just can’t be bothered. Instead, this group of b-listers would rather get drunk in their local superheroes-only pub, The Fortress and commiserate at their lack of superiority.

The show is directed by Ben Gregor and executive produced by Sophie Clarke-Jevoise, who also worked behind the scenes on BBC1’s My Hero series as its executive producer.

The show stars Patrick Baladi as Excelsior – the strongest of the heroes and bane of the Hotness’ life), Nicholas Burns (as the Hotness, a heat-controlling hero desperate to save, well something…), James Lance (who plays Timebomb, who can see sixty seconds into the future), Claire Keelan (as Electroclash, who can control machines but prefers to use her powers to empty out cigarette machines) and Rebekah Staton (who plays super-strong She-Force, a mighty heroine who’s more interested in waiting for Mr Right to sweep her off her feet).

Commissioned by the ITV2 controller, Zai Bennett, and the ITV editor of comedy, Michaela Hennessey-Vass, the initial commission was for eight episodes and is seen by ITV2 as part of a wider strategy to develop its comedy output.

“This is a perfect ITV2 comedy,” commented Bennett last year, when the show was first announced. “It’s witty, accessible and laugh-out-loud funny, and is being produced with real passion from a great team.”

For creator Drew Pearce, No Heroics is an opportunity to put a British take on superheroes. “Plus, I have about 20 years’ worth of comic books that I’m looking forward to finally being able to claim as expenses.”

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