Nottingham Comic Con announces Clint Langley as a guest – and a whole lot more

Slaine by Clint Langley

The mighty Nottingham Comic Convention (Saturday 24th October) is now into its third year – and has really pumped up the Comics Jam this year, offering appearances by big name pros like Duncan Fegredo and Marc Laming lined up alongside some small press scrappers like Dean Beattie and Vince Hunt.

Art by Duncan FegredoWonder Woman by Marc Laming

Unashamedley a true comics event, this is going to be the one day event to look out for in the upcoming weeks – and they have just announced their panels and another great guest, Slaine, and A.B.C. Warriors artist Clint Langley.

In this reviewer’s humble opinion, Clint has been providing 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine with some of its most interesting visuals over the last decade. When I look at a page of art from this guy I am both cut silent by the truly aggressive beauty of the images and also left scratching my head of how you can even start on a page like that!

He’ll be backed at the event by a table of 2000AD staff and their fantastic books and collectables (usually at great prices).

2000 AD Prog 1807 - Hammerstein by Clint Langley2000AD Prog 1667 - Ro-Jaws by Clint-Langley

Not only is Nottingham full of interesting guests but it’s also a kid friendly event as they can get in for free.

Pop over to Nottingham on Saturday the 24th October and shop for comics, back issues, prints, toys and many more. Chat to the creators and ask for a cheeky sketch. Join in with some cozplay goodness or just turn up to have a wander about and breath in the geekily good atmosphere.

This is all for charity and the money goes to some great causes: the Ear Foundation, who are doing great work in helping children, young adults and adults to communicate better; the Marfan Trust, which is an organisation that helps fund research into Marfan Syndrome, a condition that affects the eyes, skeleton and heart and often die at a young age; and the British Legion, who support members of the armed forces, past, present and future and their families.

Money from ticket sales and raffle tickets are directly helping these three charities.

If that wasn’t enough, the three sweary members of the Awesome Comics Podcast will be there (with Tony assisting on panel discussions with his tall sidekick Alex ‘Galactus’ Martin) to dodge the moral majority and have some comics based fun. Here lies madness. Make sure you pop by and say ‘Shut Up Tony’ (he loves it really).

• Head over to or follow their antics on Twitter @NottinghamComic

Many thanks for reading and see you there.

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