Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 14: Comic Artist Brian Vander

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 14 Brian VanderThe boys at the Awesome Comics Podcast get all transatlantic this week when Dan Butcher, Vince Hunt and Tony Esmond interview the titan of pencils Brian Vander. This particular Chicago creator is working on the long form webcomic The World of Grey and chats about its inception and his work process. It’s fair to say that Mr Vander falls in step with the laughing and generally sloppy organisation of this show: this is a really fun one and Dan is on particularly angry form.

This is also a bit of a rant driven episode and the guys discuss the growth in internet shaming and then move on to talking about print sales at conventions. We also get some excellent book recommendations, a list of events and a few shout outs.

Also in this episode is a competition to win Alan Moore signed goodies that promote the launch of the excellent Electricomics digital comics platform. (The answer may involve Tony drinking…. Have a listen and stand the chance of getting these great collectables).

So if you like small press comics, ranty opinions, poor Crocodile Dundee impressions, talk about process and mentions of Tony’s tendency to be a bit creepy at convention tables, then why not pop over and have a listen.

• You can listen to the episode right here – or find all the episodes so far by searching for The Awesome Comics Podcast on iTunes or go to

• You can also follow their antics on Facebook at or on Twitter @theawesomepod

• You can find Brian and his excellent sci-fi comic at and on Twitter @vander11chi

• You can find the app for Electricomics in the iTunes store (its coming to Android very soon) and I implore you to have a look at some of this amazing work. Find out more on Twitter @Electricomics

If you have a small press book that you think the guys would like then why not send it into them at


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