Now We Are Eight: Aces Weekly celebrates digital birthday

Happy Birthday to Aces Weekly – and congratulations to all those who bring it out way! The cyberspace comics art magazine published by comic artist David Lloyd and a dedicated team, is eight years-old today.

Progenitor by Phil Hester and John McCrea
Art from “Progenitor” by Phil Hester and John McCrea, which appeared in Aces Weekly Volume One, back in 2021

downthetubes was quick to promote the title when it launched back in 2012, offering strips from some of the world’s finest sequential art creators, including David Lloyd himself, David Jackson, Phil Hester, John McCrea, David Hitchcock and many more.

“The entire occupation of my current professional existence, it is something of which I am greatly proud,” says David. “It is yet to achieve what it fully deserves due the astounding and inexplicable resistance to its generous charms from too many unwilling to shake off old ways, but it is greatly blessed by those who do embrace it and embrace the astonishing talent that graces its pages.

“If you’re one of those old stick-in-the-muds who don’t know a good thing when they see it, you might want to look again. To those who are with us, I thank you for your continuing support and congratulate you on your intelligence!”

"Steampunk Samurai" © 2020 Mattia Bassani and Daniele Daf Afferni appearing in Aces Weekly Volume 47, running now and available by subscription at
“Steampunk Samurai” © 2020 Mattia Bassani and Daniele Daf Afferni appearing in Aces Weekly Volume 47, running now and available by subscription at

Volume 47 of Aces Weekly, available now, includes the cracking story, “Steampunk Samurai” from Daniele Daf Afferni and Mattia Bassani, launch just last week – one of so many to have graced the title’s digital pages.

“Ya know, I don’t get this steampunk stuff,” admits David Lloyd. “I mean, one minute there’s all this robotics and flashing lights and such, and the next there’s someone clanking around in armour trying to find a book of spells.

“Luckily for you, though it doesn’t add up to a hill of beans what I think, when I’m just here to just give space to guys who do get it and love it and want to give it to you in terrific form, and in a great short story, and in, of course, the best cyberpunk comics art magazine on the planet!”

“Steampunk Samurai” is one of the five 21-page serials and shorts in the 150 pages of Volume 47, including Extras, which you can get without a book of spells, and for just £1 per week, in any currency, which gets you 47, then 48, then 49, etc, in seven parts over seven weeks and appearing every Monday night like clockwork.

• Check out Aces Weekly now at – hoping to serve you for more years to come

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