Creepy Commandos, an SF adventure – and the new Commando Calendar out, too!

There’s something for everyone in this brand-new set of Commando comics (Issues 5371 – 5374), on sale this week from DC Thomson Media, a set that marks the debut of award-winning comics writer Colin Maxwell to the creative team: from murder mysteries, tiny aircraft carriers, and a motley band of rogues, to a science fiction adventure!

Plus, the Commando Calendar 2021 is also out now, currently only available from the DC Thomson web shop – details below – and a sneaky peek at one of the chosen artworks featured, too!

Commando 5371: Home of Heroes: Five Little Soldier Boys

Commando 5371: Home of Heroes: Five Little Soldier Boys
Story: Colin Maxwell | Art and Cover: Manuel Benet
Available from AmazonUK here as a digital edition

Three words: gothic, murder mystery. That enough of a hook? When a bunch of soldiers get lost in a storm in the French Alps, their only refuge is an eerie chateau isolated in the hills… only this isn’t a refuge — it’s a house of death!

Marking a Commando debut by war comic writer Colin Maxwell, with gothic-esque art from Manuel Benet — the question is, will this troop survive the night?

Colin Maxwell, the winner of the Dundee Comics Prize 2017, annual awards for short story writing, is person behind Maximized, a comic creator who’s worked in photography and design for over 20 years and specialises in video editing and animation. He’s worked in education for over 15 years, working both in the classroom and online.

He began producing comic books along with illustrator Michael Philp in 2013. Their first title, King Robert the Bruce and the Wars of Independence, was published in 2014, coinciding with the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn.

Colin’s stories have been published in several anthologies including Bite Me, Swift at 350, Time & Space: An H.G. Wells Comics Anthology and Scrieve Issue 1, an anthology of Scots language comics.

Ricard Sheaf has interviewed Colin about his work on Commando here on his Boys Adventure Comics blog.

Commando 5372: Gold Collection: McGinty’s Mob

Commando 5372: Gold Collection: McGinty’s Mob
Story: Eric Hebden | Art: Victor de la Fuente | Cover: Segrelles
Originally Commando No. 279 (1967)
Available from AmazonUK here as a digital edition

Classic Commando action in Issue 5372: ‘McGinty’s Mob’! McGinty and his ragtag band from the Pioneer Corps are on a demolition mission! When a gung-ho Major General who won’t take no for an answer marches up to McGinty and demands his help, McGinty puts together an outfit the likes of which you’ve never seen before. It’s all guns blazing in this Eric Hebden Commando from 1967 with art by Victor de la Fuente!

Commando 5373: Action and Adventure: Face of 1000 Heroes

Commando 5373: Action and Adventure: Face of 1000 Heroes
Story: Andrew Knighton | Art: Muller and Klacik | Cover: Neil Roberts
Available from AmazonUK here as a digital edition

Commando goes to the future in a rare Science Fiction comic in Issue 5373: ‘Face of 1000 Heroes’! The year is 2104 and clone armies wage war in a bid for corporate supremacy, but when a battle against Atlantic pirates goes wrong the clone designated N4 is left damaged and changed forever.

Free from control, N4 is thirsty for liberation in the form of a corporate takedown! With amazing cover from artist Neil Roberts!

Commando 5374: Silver Collection: Convoy Patrol

Commando 5374: Silver Collection: Convoy Patrol
Story: RA Montague | Art: Carmona | Cover: Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 1582 (1982)
Available from AmazonUK here as a digital edition

You think your job is stressful? Try this on for size: taking off in a Fairey Swordfish from a miniscule aircraft carrier converted from a merchant ship — in the middle of the Atlantic! And if that wasn’t bad enough for Fleet Air Arm pilot, Paul Drayton, along with the constant raids from Folk-Wolf Kondors and the blasted weather, he’s also got fellow airmen trying to kill each other!

Commando Comics is online at | DC Thomson – Subscriptions | Facebook | Twitter | Commando Comics on AmazonUK

Commando Calendar 2021

  • Commando Calendar 2021 - Cover
  • Commando Calendar 2021 - September
  • Commando Calendar 2021 - September

From its very first cover in 1961, Commando has been well regarded for its stunning artwork with subjects spanning land, sea, and air!

This collection, celebrating the first 60 years of the title, covers features a mixture of pieces curated by Commando readers themselves, combined with some of the editorial team’s own favourites.

Included are 16 covers by some of the world’s greatest ever comic artists as well as a special double-spread of Commando’s first ever joint cover!

Buy one calendar from the DC Thomson web shop for £7.99, two for £13.50, four for £23.50 or six for £30.00

• The Art of Ian Kennedy is available to order here on Amazon (Using this Affiliate Link helps support downthetubes, thank you)

The Art of Ian Kennedy - Cover

The book showcases Ian’s fantastic array of work for not only DC Thomson Media but also his own personal collection. The high spec 160-page art book includes both never before seen and classic covers, as well as illustrations from the DC Thomson archives, featuring titles as diverse as Lucky Charm and Buddy. Set out chronologically, the book showcases Ian’s career at the famous Scottish publishing house, from his early days working on ‘Red-Skull Branson’ and ‘Commando Jim’ to his most recent covers and commissions for Commando

• The Art of Ian Kennedy is also available to order from DC Thomson direct


  • Commando 5371: Home of Heroes: Five Little Soldier Boys - Full Cover
  • Commando 5372: Gold Collection: McGinty’s Mob - Full Cover
  • Commando 5373: Action and Adventure: Face of 1000 Heroes - Full Cover
  • Commando 5374: Silver Collection: Convoy Patrol - Full Cover

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