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Continuing a month of radio shows about creators whose passion for comics leads them to do more than just create strips for the medium, Alex Fitch talks to legendary creator Neal Adams this week on Panel Borders, one of the defining artists of the Superhero ‘Silver Age’.

Adams is best known for his work on Batman and Green Lantern / Green Arrow with writer Dennis ‘Denny’ O’Neil in the 1970s, dragging the Dark Knight Detective out of the camp 1960s era and adding a strand of social realism to the latter comic, addressing issues of racism, drug abuse and civil unrest.

As well as being credited with creating ‘relevant comics’ within the hero genre, Adams also has championed creators rights in the industry and in recent years returned to Batman and the X-Men for celebrated mini-series as writer and artist. (Recorded at London Super Comic Con, March 2015)

•Panel Borders: Neal Adams’ Relevant Comics airs at 11.00am Thursday 9th April, repeated 7.00 am Saturday 11th April 2015, Resonance 104.4 FM (London) / streamed and podcast after broadcast

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