Panini UK’s Marvel Collectors Editions, Batman still delayed

Be patient, pilgrims! Marvel Collectors Editions from Panini Comics in the UK will return – but a revised publication date has yet to be confirmed.

Deadpool Unleashed (Volume 2 #12) and Essential X-Men (#26)
Released: Deadpool Unleashed (Volume 2 #12) and Essential X-Men (#26) – but there’s no definite date for the next issues

Two titles from Panini Comics in the UK went on sale this week, Doctor Who Magazine Issue 552 and Spider-Man Magazine #376 – but as previously reported, its Marvel Collectors Editions remain delayed, the titles return dependent on the further easing of lockdown restrictions and the re-opening of “non-essential” stores across the country.

New issues of both Deadpool Unleashed (Volume 2 #13) and Essential X-Men (#27) remain delayed.

The company has stated that although they had originally planned to release both Marvel Collectors Editions titles this week, they remain delayed. The company is clearly conscious that sales of the comics are dependent on the expected wider re-opening of “non-essential” stores as Coronavirus Pandemic lockdown restrictions continue to be eased in the UK.

A drop in sales has also impacted Doctor Who Magazine, despite also being on sale in many supermarkets.

Doctor Who Magazine editor Marcus Hearn’s announcement that new comic strip is to be replaced by reprint for three issues as the title has to make economies as the retail situation in the UK “remains challenging”

In the latest issue, editor Marcus Hearn has announced that new comic strip will go on hiatus for three issues, resuming with the title’s contribution to the transmedia Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious project.

In the mean time, the Magazine will reprint a Doctor Who story from the Second Doctor’s era, first published in TV Comic.

Panini UK - Batman: Tales of the Dark Knight #1 (2020)

“We do not currently have revised dates for these issues,” Panini Comics UK states on its Facebook pages. “However, the COVID-19 situation is being reviewed daily, so please keep checking… Thank you all for your continued support and understanding.

The second issue of the company’s recently-launched Batman: Tales of the Dark Knight reprint is perhaps the most high profile victim of publishing delays – a launch no-one expected to be torpedoed by a Pandemic back in March.

There is some good news, however. Panini UK’s online store remains open and stock has recently been increased, so visit if you’re missing back issues or want to subscribe.

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Doctor Who Magazine 552

Doctor Who Magazine 552

Thirty-two First Doctor stories battled for the top spot in our epic Twitter contest. Which is the fans’ favourite?  

Issue 552 also includes: 

  • Series 11 writers Pete McTighe, Vinay Patel and Joy Wilkinson interview each other
  • Mark Gatiss answers questions from the TARDIS tin
  • Time and Space Visualiser presents a rare William Hartnell interview, conducted during rehearsals for The Sensorites in 1964
  • 50 brilliant things about Doctor Who – not including Doctor Who
  • A tribute to Doctor Who writer Pip Baker. 
  • A previously unpublished interview with Pip and Jane Baker
  • The Fact of Fiction explores Parts Nine to Twelve of 1986’s The Trial of a Time Lord
  • More of DWM’s recommended lockdown viewing, with a guide to stories available on DVD and streaming services.  
  • A look at Race Against Time, a game book in the 1986 Make Your Own Adventure with Doctor Who series. 
  • A review of The Maze of Doom, the latest Doctor Who book by David Solomons
  • The final part of “The Piggybackers”, a new comic-strip adventure featuring the Thirteenth Doctor and her friends
  • Big Finish previews and reviews, news, prize-winning competitions, The Blogs of Doom and much more! 

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 552 is on sale now – £5.99 (UK) | Subscribe online here

Spider-Man Magazine #376

Spider-Man Magazine #376

Issue number: 376
Price: £3.99 
Covermount: None specified   
On Sale: Now | Buy online in the Panini UK store

Spidey’s got a price on his head, and Kraven the Hunter is determined to bring him in! But he’s not the only one seeking ol’ Web-head out. Bullseye’s targeting him too! Get set for an urban rumble which’ll shake you to the core! Will Spidey prove his innocence and overcome the pursuers?

Plus, there’s heaps of arachnid activities, fact-files, colouring and puzzles to check out!

With thanks to Lew Stringer, and Alan Russell for additional information

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