Paul Birkbeck art for Jackanory and Zig Zag re-offered today by auction house Ewbank’s

Following up on last week’s auction, today sees Jackanory and Zig Zag art by Paul Birkbeck go under the hammer in auction house Ewbank’s latest Antique & Collector’s inc. Books, Silver & Jewellery sale.

The auction also includes a huge range of books and magazines about films, film making and the theatre, some dating back to the mid twentieth century, including rare children’s annuals.

Watercolour created for Jackanory, by Paul Birkbeck to illustrate a telling of A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens, read by Michael Bryant.Ebenezer Scrooge is taken back to his days as an apprentice with Mr Fezziwig by the ghost of Christmas past and Fezziwig is shown holding a lamp

You must be logged in to bid on either the Ewbank’s or The Saleroom website to bid on vintage art created for two fondly-remembered BBC children’s shows, including illustrations that brought Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol and more to life.

Art by Paul Birkbeck created for the BBC show Zig Zag, for a telling of The Sword in the Stone by TH White
A panorama created by Paul Birkbeck for one of the many stories he worked on television, the production unidentified

As we previously noted in our coverage of the first auction, Paul Birkbeck (1939-2019) illustrated storyboards for a wide range of shows, including Jackanory, Play School, Crystal Tipps and Alistair, Zig Zag, Magnus Magnusson’s epic TV series The Vikings, and more.

The artworks in this Ewbank’s sale were prepared in various mediums used by the artist and often in conjunction with one another, including pen and ink, crayon, watercolour, gouache, pastel, and oil and acrylic paints on card or on paper.

Many show the extraordinary detail that Birkbeck went into to capture the imagination of the viewer, making it almost impossible to understand how he could have completed so many to such a high level of accomplishment by the deadline for the TV shows.

The items on offer today are those unsold that were among some 350 artworks on offer through Ewbank’s, auctioned on 14th December.

One of a huge range of film, theatre and television production-related lots on offer in today’s Ewbank’s auction

Today’s auction, which also includes fine art by illustrators such as William Bennett, Arthur Knowles and Leonard Richmond, film books, books on horror films, figurines, furniture jewellery, watches and vintage camera equipment, and even a Atari game system, opens at 9.00am today. You can bid through the Ewbank’s site or The Saleroom, but you must pre-register to bid.

View artworks by Paul Birkbeck for sale on The Saleroom here

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