Planet Jimbot’s ‘Wolf Country’ Trade Released

Wolf Country Cover

Written by Jim Alexander
Art by Will Pickering
Cover art by Luke Cooper
Published by Planet Jimbot

For anyone that has not read any part of Planet Jimbot’s Wolf Country, this is a good chance start, by grabbing the entirety of Volume One in one reasonably priced trade paperback.

For those that have not enjoyed this series yet, this is a story of the battle between the werewolves and the vampires. But these are not bodice-ripping sparkly vampires of Twilight infamy, these are the rip yer throat out and gnaw on your entrails vampires. And then you have the werewolves.Finding GodIt would have been quite easy for Jim Alexander to have made this a complete blood-fest, but Jim has built a whole universe where the enmity of each side makes sense and ever since I saw Will Pickering’s work in Burke and Hare, I have been a fan of his work.

Reviews of each part can be found at:

• Wolf Country Volume One can be picked up from Planet Jimbot’s Etsy store here


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