Poopsheet Wants Your Comics!

The Poopsheet Foundation, a US-based organisation whose primary focus is mini-comics and their history, from their underground/new wave “birth” in the 1970s to the current scene of today, is actively seeking comics collections both for use in their web site’s History Archive and for the Poopsheet Shop (the part of the site that ultimately allows the rest to exist).

Wanted are mini-comics, underground comix, alternative comics, fanzines, APAs and mainstream comics. “Generally speaking, we’re looking for material published in the 1980s or earlier,” says founder Rick Bradford, “but there are always exceptions.

“We pay in cash or trade.”

If you’re a fan of fanzines or worked on them either now or in the past it’s worth checking out the Foundation web site.

Drop Poopsheet a line and let them know what you’ve got

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