Pre-orders open for print edition of “Kiss My Axe”, Pat Mills’ history of Slainé

Independent comics distributor and publisher GetMyComics has opened pre-orders for Kiss my Axe, author Pat Mills history of 2000AD barbarian antihero Sláine, already available digitally through Amazon.

Kiss my Axe by Pat Mills

Covering 40 years of Celtomania in 2000AD, Kiss My Axe is the ultimate history of Sláine, as writer Pat Mills finally – and with great sadness – brings his saga to a close.

Pat created Sláine with artist Angela Kincaid in 1981, although it would take two years of story and art development before it appeared in print. What began as a personal quest for Pat to make sense of his Irish roots became a magical quest for Celtic marvels, myths and mysteries. And from it, Sláine emerged: a unique hero who stands apart from all other sword and sorcery warriors.

Slainé – Dragontamer Saga – Web of Weird

Kiss My Axe is about the exceptionally talented artists who illustrated this internationally acclaimed epic: world-renowned artists like Simon Bisley, Glenn Fabry, Mick McMahon, and more. It’s about the comedy behind Sláine and Ukko’s hilarious and fantastic adventures. And the warp-outs by the writer as well as the warrior, as he battled duplicity, censorship and discrimination to save his story from senseless sabotage.

Kiss My Axe! and celebrate 40 years of Sláine – you won’t think it too many…

Pat Mills

Pat Mills created 2000AD, which celebrated its 40th birthday in 2017 and is the subject of his autobiography, Be Pure! Be Vigilant! Behave! 2000AD and Judge Dredd: The Secret History. He also came up with the concept of the 1970s girls’ mystery comic Misty, now enjoying new success in collected editions.

He was the key writer on Crisis with his political thriller, Third World War, illustrated by the late Carlos Ezquerra, now being collected by Rebellion. Some of his well-loved and long-running British series are Charley’s War, Nemesis the Warlock and, of course, Slainé.

He developed and wrote Judge Dredd, as well as written Doctor Who audio plays and comics, “Dan Dare” for 2000AD and the 1980s iteration of Eagle, and series for Marvel and DC Comics. His Marshal Law – co-created with Kevin O’Neill – now published by DC Comics, was a New York Times Best Seller.

He continues to write all manner of challenging stories today, including the French graphic novel series Requiem: Vampire Knight, illustrated by Olivier Ledroit.

He has three books published of his four-volume dark comedy thriller series Read Em and WeepSerial Killer and Goodnight, John-boy, published in 2017, with a third, The Grim Reader, on its way.

Confirming his departure from 2000AD last year, Pat created a new SF anthology comic – Spacewarp, available in both digital and print editions, working with a range of new talent.

Pre-order either an unsigned edition (price £11.99) or signed bookplate edition of Kiss My Axe by Pat Mills from GetMyComics here

Buy the digital edition of Kiss My Axe by Pat Mills here from AmazonUK (Affiliate Link)

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