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Papercuts and Inkstains #1 - Cover

New indie publisher Madius Comics  – “the home of quirky, questioning, weird and wonderful comics” – have completed work on the first issue of a horror and humour anthology Papercuts and Inkstains, which will be on sale soon via their online store along with their other initial titles: 50 Signal by writer/artist Nick Gonzo (Punk Rock Apocalypse, Harvey Spig), a tale about space and all the crazy things in it; and Average Joe from Robin Jones, Leon McKenzie and Brad Holman, the story of 30+ slacker Joe Heston, working in a call centre, and avid figurine collector, sci-fi nerd, comicbook geek, beta male… and soon to be one of the only humans left alive!

Mixing horror, humour, science fiction and the absurd, we’re told “Papercuts sets out to amuse, question, intrigue and delight. Issue one is written solely by Robin Jones  and features art from Dan Butcher (Vanguard Comic, Reynard City), Mike Smith (5 Dimensions Comics), Kevin Pospisil a newcomer with swagger, jagger and all sorts of US sass and Nick Gonzo and contains three distinctly different stories.

While it’s yet to be released, thankfully I got an early peek, which comes wrapped in a cover that hits all the right eye-catching spots and is by the excellent Dan Butcher, currently killing it on his webcomic at


Papercuts and Inkstains - Issue 1: 'By 'Eck on Earth' written by Rob Jones and has art by Kevin Popisil

“By ‘Eck on Earth” written by Rob Jones and has art by Kevin Popisil


“By ‘Eck on Earth” written by Rob Jones with art by Kevin Popisil

Harold and Madge face off against the Yorkshire Zombie Apocalypse…

This is a hilarious mash up of Zombie fiction and Northern kitchen sink drama. It’s also full on gore soaked arty goodness. Really funny stuff but not for the squeamish.


Papercuts and Inkstains - Issue 1: Profits - written by Rob Jones with art by Mike Smith.

“Profits”, written by Rob Jones with art by Mike Smith.



“Profits” written by Rob Jones with art by Mike Smith

The Brotherhood of B.O.O.B.D.A.E Attempt to bring forth the apocalypse with the help of Waitrose and Holland and Barrett…

Hooded Lovecraftian druids attempt to summon the demon Lord Bulgeroth and so cause the new apocalypse, all acheived whilst arguing and snarking at each other about what they got at the shops. The art is clean and crisp and the demon appearance especially looks excellent. Like the book’s previous story, it’s the dialogue that really hits the funny bone. The art is black and white but with some really great grey wash and Mike plays about with breaking panel borders. Probably my favourite story of the three.


Papercuts and Inkstains - Issue 1: No - Written by Rob Jones with art by Nick Gonzo

“No”, written by Rob Jones with art by Nick Gonzo.



“No” written by Rob Jones with art by Nick Gonzo

A day in the life of a time war adjutant…

This story, just plain nuts – and funny. War is fought by cyborg dinosaurs and robot creatures and we see the life of the controller of the joystick. It seems at times to be a little packed into its pages and some of the action could have been let out to breathe a little but I loved every second.

Keep an eye out for a release date of this book as it’s really well worth a look.

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• Dan Butcher is online at and you can follow him on Twitter @VanguardComic

• Follow Nick Gonzo on Twitter @Nick_Gonzo

• Follow Rob Jones on Twitter @RobJonesWrites

• Kevin Pospisil is online at and you can follow him on Twitter @ARiseToDarkness

• Follow Mike Smith on Twitter @DeadCertMike

Many thanks for reading.

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