Rachael Smith completes her incredible Quarantine Comix project, book on the way

The final Quarantine Comix by Rachael Smith

Comic creator Rachael Smith has published her 200th and final Quarantine Comix – and a collection is now in the works.

The final strip celebrates one of Rachael’s favourite bars: Drink?, run by pal Liz.

“Drink was the first bar I felt comfortable going in as Liz was super great about taking strict precautions re: Covid,” says Rachael. “Thank you for providing a safe space for everyone, Liz!

“I can’t believe I made it to 200!” she admitted of the project, which began back in March this year, a series that’s been an utter delight to read, as you’ll hopefully recall I enthused about back in June.

“I’m so proud of this project,” she continued, “and it’s given me so much joy but it feels like it’s a good place to leave it.

“Also I will have news about the book soon so this adventure is not over yet! … Thank you all so so much for following along, for commenting, for cheering me on, and buying the originals and prints.”

In the meantime, Rachael is working on a lot of comics projects so there will be new comics for you to read very soon.

But, if you feel sad about the project ending “then maybe now would be a good time to go all the way back to the beginning, to March 23rd, and read the strips aaaaall over again,” Rachael suggests. Good idea – head to Instagram now!

Thanks for helping us through, Rachael – and while I’m at it, thanks to all the incredible creators across the globe who’ve offered their take on the Coronavirus Pandemic in so many different ways. It’s far from over, but you’ve made it much more bearable for me, many times!

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• Rachael Smith is online at www.rachaelsmith.org | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Etsy

Quarantine Comix copyright Rachael Smith

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